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Free Step Dodge (aka doaworld) is a Dead or Alive fansite harbouring a full complement of tourneyfags and hentai-fapping weeaboos who attempt to provide a competitive scene for the title. The concept behind the site itself is flawed as Team Ninja can't make fighting games for shit. They continually bicker and BAWWW over how oppressed they are because of their stigma only to then about-face and fawningly praise their favorite Mary Sue and their well-developed personality.

Lol just noticed kasumi's panty flash.


— Enthralling conversation

Free Step Dodge's Dicks

  • Mr.Wah: Current owner. At first he looks like the voice of reason, but in reality, contributes little to nothing within the community. Created the cosplay and comments on the WWE thread, so it's easy to assume what type of guy he is.
Consider me an incredibly patient asshole with a lot of power and be grateful for it.


—Rikuto, having a case of USI and Running away from an argument on FSD like usual


Puzzle globe logo
Julius rage, having a thousand yard stare, but really is thinking about fucking Zack
  • grap3fruitman: A butthurt hipster who wants doa3.1 shoved up his ass. Not part of the FSD contributors, but even with his emo faggotry, managed to somehow get ninja butthurt over hearing his name. Goes on an autistic rage when anyone mentions anything casual about doa.
  • RachelTheFiendSlayer/David Gregg/Awesmic/Momiji-Baybee/too many perverts: Are the core basement-dwellers of FSD. The reason people (even you) stay away from doa and full on supporters of the women without clothing movement. If you call them on their bullshit, they will simply reply with H8ters!!!11 They will either tell you to ignore the majority of the fighting game community or even embrace their stigma. Doing nothing will not solve anything (since when did just ignoring a bully at school ever did you any good?) and embracing the stigma would assume that everyone in DOA plays just for the titties. Thus proving the sane people right and completely put off anyone willing to try doa (which is no one, BECAUSE TEAM FUCKING NINJA DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE FIGHTING GAMES) - the second half of why newfags don't join FSD.

Common threads

  • Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate General Discussion can be summarized in 3 different categories.
     -OMG TEAM NINJA IS RELEASING THE SAME GAME FOR 40$! THAT'S SO AWESOME OF THEM! (even though Ultra Street Fighter 4 has more content and can be upgraded for 15$ from SSF4AE)

The thread was then closed for being too random

  • Dead or Alive Casual/Hair/Boob Physics thread: These threads come flying out like diarrhea, making unfunny jokes about how Elloit looks like a girl, or talking about how hawt those nipple polygons are on that loli. Also makes wish-lists on their favorite fighters that they will never get, in which case they will forever BAWWWWWWWW because Team Ninja will just shit out more swimsuits that they will buy anyway.
FreeStepDodge at its finest
  • Team Ninja Stalker Threads: Since FreeStepDodge's ass is aching with anticipation, they stalk Team Ninja's twitter, rival sites and official website. If TeamNinjaEurope tweets "I drew a stick figure", you bet your ass FSD will slap a new thread on the front page saying "STICK FIGURE FOR DOA5:U CONFIRMED!!11!!" which they will then proceed to circle jerk and write a paragraph about how rock hard they are over this tiny piece of information.
  • Shit We Lost: Gra3peFruitMan once again BAWWWWS that this game isn't DOA3.1 - fast forward to more BAAWWing and Rikuto comes up with an idea, which Team Ninja will not listen to, to include throw breaks. A good idea, except if this was just slapped on, every grappler would lose their best throw because Team Ninja didn't bother to make every throw useful. Grap3 rages at this idea and they both have a furious e-peen cock fight. A young gentlemen politely tells them both to STFU and with the mighty powers of autism and MOD, Rikuto closes the thread. Julius Rage then proceeds to suck Rikuto's micropenis by posting it on the front page.


Jigaboo and weeb breaking the game with their faggotry

How to Troll FreeStepDodge

  • State that it is no different than doaworld.
  • Imply that the game's mechanics are shallow.
  • Tell them that Jann Lee's Dragon Gunner needs to be buffed. Bonus points if you create a thread about it.
  • Claim that DoA is nothing more than a 'titty fighter' then point to TN's new FAP Feature.
  • Set up a game with them online and select RIG then mash the Kick button for maximum lulz. Bonus points for lagging on purpose.
  • Tell them that the reason Tengu didn't make it to DoA5 was because there was no way to slap a pair of tits on him.
  • Inform them that Rachel is only there for straight up tits. Bonus points if you can point out those who didn't know Rachel before DoA5.
  • Always transpose the word Hayate with Ein and vice-versa for confusion.
  • Point out that Zack pushed black people back at least 70 years.

Panty Shots

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