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I'm a woman who enjoys an active, outdoor lifestyle, interest include light treks, snow skiing, camping, nature, the arts, who's humble yet erudite, romantic, n/s, drink socially and in moderation, would like ideally to settle in a peaceful, cool, high altitude, inland area up to 4 hours by car from either Syd or Canberra, with an intelligent partner who shares my interests, attentive and accustomed to the finer things in life.



Nobody knows what he looks like, so we can only guess.

freedom74 is an unemployed pre-op MTF tranny in his mid thirties with a persecution complex who posts on the Australian raver forum inthemix (ITM). All of freedom74's posts are long Marxist diatribes about The Man's exploitation of the underclasses that prevents him from getting a job. Many otherwise worthwhile threads have been ruined by freedom74 somehow linking the original topic with his own oppression by society, inevitably derailing the thread into a flamewar until everyone gets bored or the thread gets locked.

Many people wonder why he posts on ITM at all, since he has only once ever made a post that had anything to do with music, and even then it wasn't relevant to ITM since it wasn't electronic music. freedom74 was long assumed to be an elaborate troll, until court documents showed that he seems to be a real person. Despite all his shit posts, he has not been permabanned, while others have been banned for trolling him, from which some have hypothesised that he is fucking one of the moderators.


Cycle of lulz

freedom74's main claim of persecution is that people are prejudiced against him because he wants a doctor to cut off his dick and make him a woman. In general most ITMers don't care about his sexuality or gender identity, and some of his harshest critics are fags themselves, but given his other behaviour it makes the easiest angle for trolling him. This has sparked several debates amongst the other forumers, with some arguing that, given the amount of other crazy shit, there's no need to make fun of his sexuality. Despite this, many still refer to him as "he" or even "it" rather than "she". This only serves to strengthen his persecution complex, however, making him even worse.

He also uses this persecution complex to justify not looking for work, taking it as a foregone conclusion that nobody would employ him when in reality he hasn't even tried and is just too lazy to work. In a thread entitled "What jobs couldn't you do?" he posted:

Anything involving

standing for long periods, especially with limited mobility;
working with profoundly mentally disabled persons;
working in geriatric facilities or with itinerant persons [I can't stand the smell];
working in abattoirs, foundries, mines, factories;
lifting heavy items regularly even if not constantly;
repetitively lifting or handling items of a smaller size;
any fast-paced manual occupation;
any repetitive manual handling occupation;
working in very small spaces without proximity to some natural light;
working without height adjustable furniture if its in any office;
anything thats utterly soul destroying;
lacking in autonomy and variety;
involves handling any human or animal wastes;
anything with intensive supervision or monitoring;
anything involving long periods in extreme temperatures such as coldstores, foundries etc;
anything that requires the sustained or incidental exposure to dangerous or toxic pollutants, gases or chemicals.



—freedom74, unwilling to do any job ever

Besides government welfare cheques, he used to (or still does???) work as a prostitute (due to a forum glitch the first 2 posts in that thread are swapped). Much of this money would no doubt go to maintaining his heroin addiction.

Of all the stuff I've tried, I have fondest memories of powdered rock heroin. However, I wacked from day one. It blew me right away.



This of course has been siezed on by other ITMers as more material for trolling him; since as ravers they look down on any drug that isn't ecstasy, ketamine or GHB.

The hotmail address linked on his ITM profile was also linked to posts by "Australiagirl" on the newsgroup alt.drugs.hard

on the street in sydney, australia [william street] its AU$50 for head

or AU$100 a 1/2hr. this is for women or trannies.

never used them. done it but.


—"Australiagirl" on alt.drugs.hard


freedom74 has since also taken to blaming immigrants for his continued unemployment.


Immigration is bad for the environment because they'll come here, make money, build big wog palaces and drive around in fully sick gas guzzling wogmobiles.

It would be much better for the environment making them stay in the third world and keeping them too poor to afford modern technology. A wasteful life of luxury should be the sole preserve of white Anglo Saxons because we're just better than those shifty darkies.



While some debate flowed on the merits of accepting immigrant laborers, the other forumers were unanimous in realising this had nothing to do with f74's unemployment.

So once again we demonstrate why hard working immigrants are more worthwhile than lazy Australian welfare dependent junky scumbags.


—big eddie

OMG I hate my parents :(

In March 2008 f74 posted a thread asking how he can find out if he was adopted, because he thinks he lacks any resemblance to his family.

Its like I am soo different from the rest of them.



He then went on to outline how unfriendly his parents had turned out towards their batshit insane son. As an example he cited "A charming example of their friendliness was our battle in the legal case of Wadsworth&Wadsworth[2008]" - because obviously if he wasn't adopted his parents would be all too happy to be sued in a frivolous lawsuit by their deranged offspring. ITMers looked up the ruling on the case and were amazed at what they found.

The applicant is 33 years of age. The Amended Application seeks the following orders, and I will summarise them. It seeks payment of $2,000 weekly in cash indexed; it seeks payment of the applicant’s costs of up to 20,000 kilometres of domestic air travel annually; it seeks payment of costs up to 100,000 kilometres of international air travel annually; it seeks that the respondents pay for the health insurance cover, including extras, at the highest tabled scale of cover; it seeks payment of moneys which will enable the applicant to be examined on an urgent basis by a dentist and then seeks payment of a range of orthodontic, what is described as periodontic and endodontic treatments, including for cosmetic purposes; it seeks payment of all of the expenses associated with the removal of certain genital hair to prepare for sexual reassignment surgery, and facial hair, upon the basis that such treatment is to commence forthwith; it seeks the payment of costs of a procedure known as augmentation mammoplasty, of sexual reassignment surgery, including orchiectomy and vaginoplasty, and the payment of travel and similar costs associated with those surgical procedures; it seeks payment upon the applicant receiving an offer of a place of study in a tertiary institution, of costs of core textbooks and $250 per enrolled subject; it seeks the provision of a motor vehicle, and there are highly specific provisions in the paragraph of the application that relate to the kind of motor vehicle that is to be provided; it seeks the transfer of a Volvo motor vehicle, in paragraph 10; and it seeks the costs of the applicant renting a dwelling of luxury standard or, in the alternative, the purchase of a dwelling, with highly specific requirements as to location and fixtures and fittings (eg. rugs of a Middle-Eastern origin).


—The Hon Judge Lindsay

As a 33-year-old having been estranged from his parents for years, freedom74 was trying to claim dependence and milk them for hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Federal Magistrates Court. Obviously the judge did the only logical thing and summarily dismissed the case.

The other ITMers responded with amazement at this new revelation, not only to see a new low in f74's insanity, but also to finally have confirmation that he was a real person and not a well-planned troll. (also that he had once been married, lol)

I am actually in shock at the moment.

a) That Freedom actually exists, I was heavily in the 'is a troll' camp.
b) That anyone would actually bring a lawsuit like that
c) That anyone would think they could win such a suit.

104k p.a ex-tax??? and then asking for car and international travel allowances on top of that?

I'm surprised the judge didn't piss himself laughing while dismissing the case.

So hats off to you for being the most insane fucker I have ever come across.


—big eddie

Stop it, you're giving heroin addicted transexual drama queens a bad name.



There's strange, then there's a dude who'll take his family to court for a vulva and a volvo and cry here of all places when they lose.



This was also the closest freedom74 came to being banned from ITM.

You're an adult. Start acting like one. I'm inclined to ban you, not for censorship reasons, not because I'm discriminating against you because you're transexual, but because YOU'RE FUCKING MENTAL.



freedom74 then announced that he planned to appeal a case that had been summarily dismissed.

you do realise the judge wrote 52 paragraphs pointing out exactly why this was a complete waste of his time and that the application was "Hopeless" in his own words.



Family Court Appeal

Thread is now about f74.

Months passed without updates on his appeal, until in October his story broke in the old media. Ever the bastion of journalistic integrity, the article came almost two months after his appeal had been heard in court. Many on ITM were speechless.

I just realised f74 is more famous than me.



Not only was the case once again dismissed, freedom74 was also ordered to pay A$3,500 of his parents' court costs. For extra lulz, the newspaper article referred to f74 as a man, despite all the court documents respectfully referring to him as a woman.

Now is probably the only time ive ever, and will ever agree wholeheartedly with Andrew Bolt



The ruling from the appeal can be read here: (PDF link)

Credit card debt

On top of that, freedom74 is, or was until recently, also on the run from credit card companies for non-payment of a $20,000 debt.

I owe on a credit card from 3 or so years back nearly 20 grand. After five years from your last payment/certain things off that account, the debt becomes statute barred and even if not paid off fully, the rights of the creditor to sue you are extinguished.

However I've had to move to a secret location and lie very low. It means that I avoid communication with strangers at my door and am intensively secretive about my location, handling of mail etc. If you can avoid the process server and don't want to try for any more credit, you have a chance of getting away with it.......well I'd beg to differ its not getting away with it. For my infringement which is not even against a real person, I am sentenced to a 5 or 7 year listing.



thats because you owe them over 20 thousand dollars; dickhead.

i'd come after you too, with a shotgun



Reaction by other forumers

Freedom74 hijack.jpg
Freedom74 derailed.jpg

Not content with laughing at his stupid posts and continuing to milk him like the lol-cow he is, various forumers have at different times gotten fed up with his shit and created several different threads petitioning for him to be permabanned. The moderators have so far not given in to these requests, instead usually locking these threads (at least two more are known to have been deleted) as well as occasionally banning other users who troll freedom74 instead.

It's bad enough when freedom74 starts a thread of his own, but it's when he posts in other people's threads, turning a previously meaningful discussion around to talk about how persecuted he is, that generates the most rage. When this happens, there is never any possibility of it returning to the original discussion, instead descending into a flamewar, or simply with people spamming "THREAD IS NOW ABOUT F74"

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