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Lj-favicon.png freeko is a 40 year old bisexual liberal douchebag whose crowning achievements throughout his lifespan have been getting a job at UPS, getting a driver's licence at the age of 30, and incessantly whining on his LJ on a daily basis. He blames CBS, Fox News, nazis, George W Bush, Ann Coulter, republicans, and internet trolls as his excuse for never amounting to anything in his miserable life aside from being an overly emotional butt-pirate and an all around loser. He is also one of LJ's biggest hypocrites, constantly contradicting himself and changing his story around to look better in the eyes of other people. In due time, it was revealed that he just has a chronic case of IPD.

A text-book example of an internet tough guy, Lj-favicon.png freeko believes the internet is serious business and will threaten to kick your ass if he can't get a good word into any argument. Be prepared to expect the aforementioned about 99% of the time since he has the IQ of an institutionalized retard. As expected of all members of the ITG species, he never carries out his threats and just makes lengthy journal entries about how he got pwned by at least half of the LJ world countless times. Realizing this, Lj-favicon.png freeko constantly whines those who dis him publically on his LJ hoping everyone on his friends list (all his "friends" consist of whores, retards, attention whores, and retarded attention whores) would feel sorry for him.

Lj-favicon.png freeko is also known for cheating on his "wife" with transvestites and for spreading AIDS throughout half of Bloomington, New York. He also has dreams of having sex with his deceased father. Pictures of both of them can be found here and here.

Communities Lj-favicon.png freeko annoys on a daily basis:
Lj-favicon.png ohnotheydidnt
Lj-favicon.png neo_goths_suck
Lj-favicon.png polyamory

Communities dedicated to Lj-favicon.png freeko:
Lj-favicon.png freeko_has_hiv
Lj-favicon.png freeko_has_hiv2
Lj-favicon.png hahayouhaveaids

Ways to troll Lj-favicon.png freeko
A.) Tell him you were the person who hacked into his E-Bay account.
B.) Laugh at his dyslexia.
C.) Remind him that his father's dead. The more references you can make to necrophilia, the better.
D.) Ask him how AIDS is treating him. This will always piss him off.
E.) Call him either gay, emo, and/or jewish. This one also works like a charm.
F.) Remind him of how badly he gets pwned on the internet and IRL. This method is typically more effective if you can rub in his face certain people who have pwned him in the past, such as crimsondrowning, bloodlent, or sciucaro. The more people you can think of, the better.
G.) When all else fails, compare him to fellow IPD sufferer/arch-nemesis heavenablaze and/or Fred Phelps.
H.) Find a way to direct him to this page, then just sit back and watch as he sheds some e-tears on his LJ. This technique is a sure-fire way to generate some lulz from this emo lolcow.