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Fuck God, it's Friday
  1. Friday is a fugly, MILF pr0n star/hooker with tremendous fake titties and who takes it in the pooper like a champ. In an industry second only to the NBA and jail in bad tattoos, she has of the worst amongst her peers: an "F" for Friday (one presumes) over her vagoo just in case you forget cock goes here and that most people catch herpes on/from Friday.
  2. Time to getz the Highz on
  3. The day before Saturday. Many people celebrate this day because it is the last day of their working week. Sometimes people also get paid on Friday, just in time to blow it all on Friday night.
  4. Friday is cumshot day on 4chan's /hc/ board. DAT ASS LOL BELETED
  5. Friday was also the cop from Dragnet'.
  6. Friday was also the day that Jesus was pwn3d, resulting in win A&lulz.
  7. Friday was also Robinson Crusoe's black slave in Willem Dafoe's classic novel "Pwnaed, how to take care of your ship mates".
  8. Friday was also the first of a series of movies starring Ice Cube, centered around the fact that Blacks are lazy, love drugs, and often unfunny But U G0t Kn0ck3d Dat Fuck Out.
  9. The day on which, after sunset, you can proclaim "shabbat shalom" (special sabbath "hi") to Jews. As this is a day of rest, they will be unable to fight back if you bash them. Proceed to use the Jew as a foshata. Or just deny the ROFLCAUST for the LULZ.
  10. If it is Friday the 13th and it is your birthday, you will become immortal for the day and you can kill raep shit on the internet such as furfags and fanboys and everything sacred.
  11. Friday the 13th can also mean a series of awesome R-rated slasher films, but we don't have an article on that.
  12. Time to paint the town with the penis!
  15.  ?????
  16. Friday!
  17. Furfag friday
  18. Profit!!!


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