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A typical user preparing for a friends cut.

A friends cut is what happens when a LiveJournal user decides she has too many friends. Unlike regular defriending, a friends cut involves a mass removal.

While most friends cuts are done purely to save time and energy, it's easy to sneak in a few personal-grudge cuts while you're at it.

The attention whore method

  1. Post to your LJ saying "I don't feel like I'm connected to all of you anymore. If you still read my journal and want to be my friend, COMMENT HERE OR BE DELETED."
  2. Watch people beg you not to cast them out into the cold.
  3. Cut the people who didn't respond, but then add them back because you realize that having only ten LJ friends makes you look bad.

Surprisingly, those who threaten friends cuts almost never get called out for attention-whoring by the people on their lists, probably because they have the same outlook on life. If one of your LJ friends threatens to cut anyone who doesn't kiss her ass, she's probably not worth keeping as a friend, so you can either quietly leave (win) or cause a gigantic stink about it (epic win).

A friends cut may be accompanied by making one's journal friends only.

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