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Lj-favicon.png fuckkk_everyone was a communal journal (not to be confused with community). A bunch of us used it and had a good time. Eventually it got suspended.

Usages of fuckkk_everyone


I used fuckkk_everyone to troll some friends of my IRL friends. Once, I made a corresponding AIM SN, and starting Lulz with this real douche bag on-line. Since he was friends with my IRL pal I knew a lot about him, like his phone number and where he lived. After I made it clear that I know everything about him (I also did a WHOIS lol), he invited me over to his house (which was about 5 miles away) (wtf). I said "ok", and then went to bed.

Turns out, he called the cops on me, but when they showed up nobody was there because LOL I was sleeping. Hilarious as usual.

--Quasidan 15:52, 15 Feb 2005 (UTC)