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Fujoshi (Moonspeak:腐女子) means "rotten girl" in Japanese and is the self chosen name for female Yaoi fans.

A Fujoshi enjoys the aesthetic depiction of buttsex between two bishounen and writes tons of dj about male anime couples, which in the end is deposited on some Yaoi page to be consumed by other Fujoshi, inspiring them to draw dj based on such texts, making the whole thing a closed circle. Since heterosexual men prefer to watch Lesbians eat each other out, and since homosexual men prefer to watch hairy, muscular men blow and plow each other, Yaoi is almost wholly generated and consumed by women, which makes it quite lame (besides the fact that it is gay, too). So the whole Fandom and the singular Fujoshi are quite boring.


The typical Fujoshi is your average 16-yo Girl, sometimes socialy awkward, deranged and dangerous, so don't let your guard down.

Typical Fujoshi are:

  • Kuroki Tomoko (Watamote)
  • Naganohara Mio (Nichijou)
  • Yoshitake Rika (Genshiken)
  • Your Mom's hot Friend
  • Your Sister
  • Your Sister's hot Friend
  • ...
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