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The MSPaint comic of the snacks incident. This image is said to be where the phrase originated.

Fukken saved is a phrase commonly tossed around the *chans, usually when a gigantic CP thread pops up, or something equally fap-worthy. The phrase supposedly dates back to the Snacks-era of 4chan, when a thread full of CP managed to stay alive for hours on end. This is most likely because Snacks was busy saving everything. As a result of the meme's popularity, an extension for Firefox was made to turn 'Save Image As...' on the right-click menu into 'Fukken Saved', thus sealing its legendary status.


Microsoft understands your needs

The situation typically proceeds like this:

A forum user posts copious amounts of CP that he got from some server in Russia. Members of the forum immediately realize that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and proceed to right click/save as every piece of underage fappery they can get their hands on. The phrase Fukken saved is posted to emphasize the rushed job of getting it preserved on your hard drive before the mods delete it... and because it's so hard to find porn on the internet.


The Windows 7 right-click menu.

If there is some funny image out there on the internet, then its humour is eventually lost based on the fact that it has been "Fukken saved" and reposted so many times. The internet exists for nothing other than porn anyway so why bother keeping something that exists in such a large quantity? There's no such thing as rare porn either. If you use this phrase, you are a pedophile.

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