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Official Furluminati logo
Furry Illuminati have produced a fun trading game for children, which shows the positive qualities of furries and a furry-run world government.
The furluminate is rumored to exercise total control of the media.
The Furlumanti controls most banks.

The Furluminati (also known as the Furry Illuminati) is a secret organization that exists to create moar drama, and kill moar lulz. Members of this group are leaders within the Furry Community that go around spreading lies and misinformation (if they didn't exist, then they wouldn't have had to edit this) about the furry community. One of its leaders, the puppy rapist ContiE, prevents verifiable sources from giving the truth about furries on Wikipedia's furry articles and other places — including facts from reliable media sources like MTV and Vanity fair as well as pictures that tell the truth. If you think Bugs Bunny or Chewbacca are cool you are not a furry, but if you want to have sex with them you are — but The Furluminati claims that anyone who has watched either on TV is a furry. The Furluminati is associated with the Otherkin conspiracy. Other attacks have occurred directly against Encyclopedia Dramatica, one of their biggest threats. The most common of these attacks are removing facts on furries and attacking the site's functionality to delay communication.

The true Cause

Many people died to get this top secret information. Memorize it well, lest the Furluminati delete this entire section because of its compromising qualities.

The Furluminati want to overthrow the government, secure a new world order run by furries, and kill all humans and make them their slaves, in that order. The Furluminati have a strong grip in Europe, Australia and Canada, and they intend to overthrow the American government next. YOU MUST STOP THEM, THEY WILL KILL YOU!

Counter Tactics

Some of the strongest responses are some of the most obvious. Reply to their disinformation on Wikipedia with reversion, and follow with a quick talk page flame war. Return to your home base and out every known furry encountered. Expose their real names and remove their dark veil of anonymity so that they may no longer retreat into the shadows of sockpuppetry. Oust them for the known homosexuals they are. Follow up with sockpuppetry of your own to vandalize their user pages and spread information rape as far as a wiki can reach. Finish it with a coup de grâce of pizza boxes the likes of which has never been seen before. Your valor will not be forgotten.

Confirmed members

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The above statement would not have been said if the Furluminati didn't actually exist. The people would have said "Oh look, propaganda" and carried on with their lives, forgotten of the Furluminati.


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