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Lulz needed.
Typical furry mod.
Otacon from Metal Gear Solid finds out he's a yiffy wolf.

The Furry Army of Doom is a forum site that seems to relate to Sokitwopaw's dreams of uniting furfags under a banner. As funny as it sounds, at at least 400 members are now part of the website, indulging in faggotry and similar activities which involve teh penis.

The website tries to stress that there will be no porn on the boards, but, knowing furries, it will be impossible for them to comprehend or follow such a provision. FAoD also seems to have a few posters that use the forum like an IM program, lobbing poorly worded, incoherent emote-fests at one another in what can only be described as the most eloquent argument for eugenics ever seen on the internet.

Threads With Trollable Content


TheEvilGood Is a furry who sides with 2 on every front, but still mumbles that he isn't a fanboy from around his gryphon cock.

Raphael Faunus, or "Rapha" as he is so affectionately called, is a loli who apparently thinks he's a Vice President of America, because he feels he can say whatever he wants, but mostly just pissed off Mods until he goes into a ban/unban wash, rinse, repeat.

Rion Nipal Treats the forums as his own personal playground and spends most of his time bitching about important furry issues and edits the page constantly to seem the least retarded. Of course, extra genetic material, and a fetal cock-dent in his head from the same father who obviously hasn't beaten him enough, would prove this otherwise.

Sidepocket A towelhead whose jihads include: recording movie trailers, in theaters and posting them online (even when the trailer was released online before he even got home), waiting for the bus, dressed like Mohammad, claiming fatwa on anyone who doesn't go "Durka-Durka" the right way, and getting so much sand and camel shit stuck in his keyboard, he butchers obese, smelly pig-dog English. Sidepocket is a known script kiddie.

Luciffur Listens to Fall Out Boy and posts old memes. Pretty much moot with a tail, fixt, and actually less personality. Oh, and doesn't run some even shittier site.


It had to happen eventually. Luckily this thread contains over 40% of your Daily Recommended Lulz Intake:

*http://faod.org/index.php?topic=1305 LINK'S BROKE


B-but...I fucking love Encyclopedia Dramatica!


— NOTE: This user was later raped in the ass for his blasphemy.


Sergeant Stripetail Is a furry whose ego seems to rival 2's own bloated head-mass. His posts usually moderate the forums to keep an aura of fabulositi, and to sodomize any and all defectors from the FAoD Agenda with his mighty banstick.

  1. His AIM: SaiH8sAIM
  2. His MSN: [email protected]
  3. His Yahoo: sai_skunk
  4. His LiveJournal: [1]

Sunoookitsune needs MOAR information found about him. From the looks of his profile, he is a fag, and loves penis. Which, acknowledging that he's a furry, is redundant to point out.

  1. His MSN: [email protected]
  2. His Yahoo: sunookitsune
  3. His AIM: Sunookitsune

2 gryphon Is to the FAOD as Jesus is to the United States government. With his iron fist and flaccid penis, 2 secretly controls the whole establishment through his admins and in turn deals out advertisements for his weekly podcast called 2 sense. The furries listen to this show from all over the world and need it like basement dwellers need Vaseline. It is a known fact all around the furry cult that 2 is the king pin in a global dead baby mafia ring who use the black market to get babies to people in need of cheap food in exchange for food stamps.

  1. His e-mail: [email protected]
  2. His AIM: 2gryphon
  3. His Yahoo: 2gryphon
  4. His LiveJournal [2]

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