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Said to be a picture of "Furry Beach", this photograph is of one of the many other ritualistic gatherings furries often attend..

Not too long ago, a couple of scammers decided to con some furries out of their money. After a website popped up about some stupid-ass furcon going down on the beaches of California, titled "Furry Beach", a few people decided to spread the news. Admission was to be sent to the convention's paypal, and you were in. Turns out the whole ordeal was a scam. It was also said on the website (that has since been removed, but has been partially cached here: [1]) that fursuits were being given out FOR FREEEEEEEEE.

Obviously somebody had one foot in the furry world and one foot in reality, and realized how stupid furries can be. Not only did the website contain various misspellings, but it also mentioned staying at a hotel that did not exist. Did anyone research this shit?

Some select furries (Dragoneer), obviously in attempt to seem more clever, posted butthurt journals on FurAffinity and other various places of furfaggotry about how "IT WAS SO OBVIOUS SCAM GUIZ". The majority of the furries thought it was "SO KAWAII GET TOGETHER GUYS, let's play at the beach!" A few even WILLINGLY gave their money to attend this fantastic get-together. One dumbass in particular stopped dead in her tracks to say, "Woah, wait a minute, something ain't right!" Sadly, this revelation only occurred AFTER she spent the money to fly herself over there and rent a hotel.


Way To Go, Furs.

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