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Original post, involving your standard "furry looking clueless" picture.

Furseiseki, or Furry Desu, is a mini-meme from /b/ on 7chan. It combines one of the greatest internet spams of all time with the worst thing to hit the internet evar. The result is just like every other furry spin-off: a fake smiley, fox-looking, overly-hyper creation that has nothing in common with the original meme except a slight visual resemblance. Being of typical furry creativity, Furseiseki images display a broad range of facial expressions, from eyes wide open and smiling to eyes wide open and frowning to eyes shut and smiling to eyes shut and frowning. Also, one user envisions Furseiseki saying "YIFFU" instead of "DESU", thinking this an amusing reference the furry term "yiff", which means "I want to anally violate a housecat." He's very wrong, of course.


This is what you're fapping to.

The Furseisiki thread was met with the usual reaction from /b/; namely, everyone thought it was disgusting, talentless furry faggotry. Repliers posted the real desu looking pissed and Cracky-Chan looking disapproving, called for the general extermination of all furries, and generally told the OP to GTFO. Like in most furry threads, several posters had never heard of furry faggotry before, and discovered it and all of its sickness from the thread, proving that furries posting artwork only leads to making more enemies.


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