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Where to shop for furry items.
Screenshot from CSI

Although some fursuits used by amusement parks can be drycleaned, a furry's fursuit cannot because it is made from natural ingredients, typically: skinned cats, roadkill, male pubic hair, and horse semen. These serious fursuits are handmade and can only be bought at rare stores, such as Astral Wal-Mart.

A true furry's fursuit cannot survive drycleaning due to its delicate materials--and also because most drycleaning companies would refuse to clean something used in a gay sex orgy and covered in feces. So, furries must use Furshampoo.

Furshampoo is a mixture of dog shampoo and Horny Goat Weed that tickles when you use it. A furry must use it like ordinary human shampoo in the shower. This usually leads to a furries having a male-homoerotic shower-sex orgy. Although a picture is not available yet, the image to the right is far less disgusting in comparison.

Furshampoo in the media

Season 4, episode 6 of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Fur and Loathing, included furshampoo as a plot element. A furry was poisoned by licking furshampoo residue from a fursuit during a wild yiff orgy that made him sick.

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