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English 2chan
FoundationWho cares
Major Boards/i/
Epic WinsNone, epic fails: attempting to kill Tom Cruise and then getting V&

Update #3: Futabachannel is back, a few boards are up at the moment and it's being spammed to death on 4chan's /b/. Apparently, the new mascot is Big Boss. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS

Futabachannel.org was orchestrated by a faggot utilising the username of xghettohoodx, a seemingly disturbed individual acting under the delusion that their ancestry is of asian origin. Said faggot spent day after sexless day customizing the kusaba script, eventually entitling the result "Cloverfield", in order to create a brand new fail chan. After he was done users from nexopia.com and MySpace flooded the place in droves averaging 500 - 1,000 unique hits per day according to Something Awful forums. Once upon a time on the /i/ board, some newfag serial-killer posted the blueprints to Tom Cruise's house in an attempt to assassinate him. The recent influx of newfags became overly excited to say the least and the board rapidly descended into chaos. Two days later the website was intercepted by the FBI who upgraded the front page with a kickass red color-scheme and informative welcome message. Newfags shat bricks and sobbed in fear that the Partyvan might come for them.

The website it self was terrible, the only thing good about the shithole was the name, which was ripped off 2chan.net, some argue that this is possibly why they recieved so many hits.


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