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Futhman in traditional Bangla robes
posing sexy and showing love for Scarlet

Futhhman shits blood and is doomed to a life of abject introspection. We know this to be true on the basis of his book I Shit Blood by Arafat Kazi. It has been proven that Arafat Kazi is batshit fucking crazy. Another fagtard who thinks he can advertise his shit on ED. He uses the proceeds from his retarded crap to purchase dildo shaped caek which he always gets in chocolate.

Futhman is extremely proud of his enormous girth and shows it off often. He has, however, a very tiny penis and thankfully keeps that in his pants.

Moosic of Futhman

Futhman is a giant fatass of the drumming world and is most ghey in the all-star Banglamen-based band, The Goatse Brothers. Furthermore, he covers early '90s rap songs in collaboration with his friend, (pi)zza. Some songs covered include:

  • Warren G and Nate Dogg - "Regulate My Weight"
  • The Notorious B.I.G. - "Moar Caek"
  • KRS One - "Sound of Ma Thighs"
  • Wu-Tang Clan - "Shame on a black person"
  • Cypress Hill - "Insane in the Membrane"
  • Katy Perry - "Ur So Gay"

Fatman's greatest hits album Chronicles of a Fat Brown Man will be hitting the shelves at some point in the future. If you plan on purchasing it, you would do better to become an hero.

Other Hobbies

Besides banging his peen against his girth and calling it music, Fatman is currently running the radio station RADIO FOORTI 98.4 FM in Bangladesh. It had been rumored that he fapped over the air for 60+ hours to an image of goatse and it was his flying jizz that caused 9/11. This is known to be false because JEWS DID WTC. However, the fapping did occur.

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