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Gordon the Pringles Giraffe will be posted by the same
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Gordon the Pringles Giraffe circa 2006
Gordon circa 2008, after his guest appearance in Brawl.

Gordon the Pringles Giraffe is a forced meme dating back to 2006, when some 13 year old boy with Asperger's syndrome combined his two favorite things: Pringles and giraffes. By these things (and some MS Paint) combined, here comes Gordon, the Pringles Giraffe. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with children these days? Obviously this made absolutely no sense, which is lulzy enough, but the lulz wouldn't end there. Gordon eventually galloped onto 4chan's /b/ in the summer of 2008, where he gained meme status due to the fact that he looked so fucking weird. Also, he was some of the first original content that /b/ had seen in a while, even if it hadn't been drawn by a fellow /b/tard.

Gordon is one of the only four forced memes to be considered win, the others being So Cash, DESU, and FUCK YEAH SEAKING, due to their endless possibilities. Most notable are his seamless transitions in element type, as shown below:

Gordon has been remade numerous times since first posted on /b/, and has become yet another poor member of the 4chan family. While some who find him annoying because he is just so strange looking, some /b/tards took the initiative of adopting poor Gordon, perhaps thereby creating a whole family of weird-ass giraffes. Gordon can often be found hanging out at watering holes and playgrounds, luring in little children with his kawaii looks and Guido mustache.

Gordon is what every giraffe wants to be when it grows up, even if he looks like a fucking monster.

The Shrimp and Hippo Team

Gordon's first appearance.

There is much speculation over who originally created this strange monstrosity, whether it's a retard or a gifted artist we'll never truly know (somewhat like the debate between Chris-chan and Jimmy Hill). It is widely believed that Gordon originates from a group called the Shrimp and Hippo Team, composed of a 12 year old kid who recently discovered how to use Adobe Flash and some other one that made a shitty comic called Stuperman. Stuperman's creator was the one who devised the creation of Gordon, and introduced him to the Shrimp and Hippo series, though no movies were made with him (thank god). After making his debut in the comic on your right, news quickly spread across the interwebs about his existence and his picture was spread to multiple forums including Gamespot and various others. An artist by the name of Malion decided to bring more life to Gordon's image and turn him into a masterpiece rivaling that of any da Vinci painting. Much drama was caused when Malion found out that Gordon was brought to /b/ and eventually ED by Crazyconan, but it was eventually settled and Malion to this day submits various (and hilarious) drawings of Gordon to us, making ED the new owner of the Pringles giraffe.

To view the drama on ED's behalf, read this article's talk page.



Shortly after his reemergence in September, someone forgot to lock the gate on Gordon's cage and he ran off, fleeing from the faggots at /b/. The reward for Gordon's capture was +1 internets.


During the terrifying Lamp forcing of November 14th, Gordon returned to /b/ after realizing the horrible cancer his master was facing. He proceeded to fight back, and was nearly taken over by the cancer himself. But Gordon overcame.

Gordon will always overcome.


Legion of Gordon Pringles cans!

Pringles is currently hosting a "Design your own can" contest on the internets. What better venue for Gordon's introduction to the mainstream than a can of Pringles graced with his likeness? NONE, goddammit! So go flood Gordon pics to the Pringles gallery. You know you want to.

Gor donicon.gif DO IT FAGGOT!

Gor donicon.gif The Pringles contest (VOTE FOR HIM NAO.) You can vote one time per picture per day. Vote for all the Gordon cans and then vote for them some moar.

The cans to vote for:

Gor donicon.gif Backup can #1

Gor donicon.gif Backup can #2

Gor donicon.gif Backup can #3

Gor donicon.gif Original can, baleeted from contest gallery but can still be seen/voted on through glitch.

Vote as many fucking times as you want with Pastebinfavicon.png this.

Facts about Gordon

We here at Encyclopedia Dramatica would like to help you understand more about the great Pringles Giraffe, so we have listed a number of facts that can help with any paper you may want to write about involving Gordon (in TOW style):


Gordon the Pringles Giraffe

  • Weight: 4,000 kg
  • Habitat: Salty

Gordon in the Wild

Run for President of CWCville

Moar info: Chris-chan#CWCVille_Elections.
Gordon for President of CWCVille.

With the recent events and happenings of Chris-chan (including his infamous doll sex-tape), it has been announced that for the 2009 Presidential election of CWCville that Gordon will be running for the office of President alongside CWC as mayor. His challengers include Billy Mays and other memes, though it has been predicted that Gordon will be the likely winner in this shitstorm of retards and crappy drawings. It has been recently disclosed that Billy Mays has taken over as the mayor of CWCville with Chris out of action, but Gordon still has a good chance of winning the presidency (though noone would really want to anyways) and along Billy Mays clean up the filth of CWCville.


Gallery of Gordons About missing Pics
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