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Note: Any and all forced memes related to GETs will be placed on this page.

100,500,000 GET

The failure

Tuesday 2nd of December 2008
"i dont mind it, love is love, but it just looks weird" 12/02 The get was on an interracial relationship thread. Idiots think it's a new meme. Etc., etc.

103,000,000 GET

Once again it was newfags spamming and the 103M get was ;[. It was fucking awesome.

Gallery of ;[ About missing Pics
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106,000,000 GET

Sewer Asian got 106M

Monday 29th of December 2008
The 106M GET was Sewer Asian.

108,000,000 GET

Ah, makes sense. 108M GET was a FAILGET

110,000,000 GET

Again another fail get linking to the 110M post

111,000,000 GET

Yet again, another fail get linking to the 111M post. Fuck sake.

111,111,111 GET

111,111,111 get

Tuesday 20th of January 2009
It never ends. Another get linking to the post...except this time Max Rebo was involved.

113,000,000 GET

Wednesday 28th of January 2009

113,333,333 GET

Friday 30th of January 2009

114,000,000 GET

Sunday 1st of February 2009

115,000,000 GET

Thursday 5th of February 2009
The 115mil GET was taken by a furfag. Although it is still amazing that an actual human achieved the GET, as /b/ was under siege by red boxes/Chinese Communists

116,000,000 GET

Monday 9th of February 2009, which was a baby GET, which is fucktarded seeing as they weren't even aiming for the GET. However it goes to show that babies overpower Boxxy and furfags.

122,000,000 GET

Saturday 7th of March 2009
I approve of this post-cat, posted in a "If 122 mil get is in this thread, Boxxy is a banned meme" thread.

123,456,789 GET

Friday 13th of March 2009
That's right, Friday the 13th. Coincidence? I think not. What was posted was simply the phrase "get?" Every /b/tard shit their pants and subsequently RAGED.

123,456,789 GET thread (archive)

125,000,000 GET

125M - Jesus Fucking Christ

Thursday 19th of March 2009,

129,000,000 GET

129m get, cocks

Sunday 5th of April

130,000,000 GET

130m, tentacles.

Wednesday8th of April 2009

131,000,000 GET

Sunday 12th of April 2009

131M get: wagon wheels

Wagon Wheels

132,000,000 GET

Thursday 16th of April 2009, Oiled Ass and "132k get"

133,333,337 GET

1337 GET, Lionface

Wednesday 22nd of April 2009

134,000,000 GET

134k GET, CP

Saturday 15th of April 2009

135,000,000 GET

Wednesday 29th of April 2009

135m GET, dead baby

136,666,666 GET

Monday 18th of May 2009

FAILGET. Now everyone thinks souce is a meme.

Epic fail.

138,000,000 GET

Tuesday 26th of May 2009

Never give up.

140,000,000 GET

Saturday 7th of June 2009.

141,000,000 GET

Friday 12th of June 2009.

143,000,000 GET

Tuesday 23rd of June 2009.

144,144,144 GET

Monday 29th of June 2009.

146,000,000 GET

Saturday 11th of July 2009.

147,000,000 GET

Friday 17th of July 2009.

148,000,000 GET

Wednesday 22nd of July 2009.

The original poster stated that God doesn't exist if anyone gets the 148M-GET ITT. Therefore, God was killed with a blam.

Shortly after, newfags tried to make it a forced meme and spammed all over /b/. The /b/lam-cancer was cured after about two hours.

148,148,148 GET

Thursday 23rd of July 2009.

The BLAM cancer prevails yet again.

149,000,000 GET

Tuesday 28th of July 2009.


150,000,000 GET

Sunday 2nd of August 2009

152,000,000 GET

Monday 10th of August 2009

153,000,000 GET

Saturday 15th of August 2009. EPIC FAIL.

155,555,555 GET

Wednesday 26th of August 2009

158,000,000 GET

Friday 4th of September 2009

159,000,000 GET

Tuesday 8th of September 2009

160,000,000 GET

Saturday 12th of September 2009

No wordfilters in place....yet.

161,000,000 GET

Wednesday 16th of September 2009

161,616,161 GET

Saturday 19th of September 2009

161,777,777 GET

Sunday 20th of September 2009

165,999,999 GET

Thursday 8th of October 2009

170,000,000 GET

Caturday 24th of October 2009

171,000,000 GET

Thursday 29th of October 2009

171,717,171 GET

Sunday 1st of November 2009

173,000,000 GET

Friday 6th of November 2009

174,000,000 GET

Tuesday 10th of November 2009 One or more script kiddies were spamming /b/ with "Forsaken and Pimpinjg are never gonna stop" in a retarded attempt to get the 174m get. Sadly, it worked.

175,000,000 GET

Saturday 14th of November 2009

Belonging to some newfag who clearly jizzed himself, screaming like a little girl in ecstacy, after recieving their ever so desired life consuming get. It's really the posts immediately before and after the get that are worthwhile.

176,000,000 GET

Thursday 19th of November 2009

Schnatti. That is all.

What is Schnatti? Schnatti is apparently schnatti real word, but it sounds schnatti. Schnatti is German ravesluts in a car. Schnatti is the website ever. What is schnatti? The question is, what isn't schnatti?

176,666,666 GET

Sunday 22nd of November 2009

The Beatles.

177,000,000 GET

Monday 23rd of November 2009

This fail of a get goes to some faggot who apparently compromised the IRL identity of some camwhore cumdumpster.

177,600,000 GET

Thursday 26th of November 2009

Another failfag get. This one was got by accident in an attempt to make a 77 get in a cumdumpster thread. The post comprised of several 7s that somehow didn't get wordfiltered.

177,777,777 GET

Friday 27th of november 2009

Guess what, this get is fail as well.

179,999,999 GET

Sunday 6th of December 2009

Warren Zevon GET. Fail.

180,000,000 GET

Sunday 6th of December 2009

An absolute fail, was brutally 404'd by spam-mad newfags, right before anyone could see the get. This lead newfags to create over 9000 shopped versions.

However, after much hard work by Epic failston, the true 180M GET was discovered out of all the fakes. It turned out to be a Magic GET. This, in itself, is still fail.

184,000,000 GET

Sunday 27th of December 2009

The saddest, most emotional, badly written GET yet. In other words, cancer.

185,000,000 GET

186,000,000 GET

Sunday 4th of January 2010

OH, Dear God, not that. PLEASE, not that. ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!!

188,000,000 GET

Monday 11th of January 2010

EFG "190m get!" Fail.

188,999,999 GET

Friday 15th of January 2010

189,000,000 GET

Friday 15th of January 2010

190,000,000 GET

Tuesday 19th of January 2010
Like many other GETs, 190M 404'd within seconds, resulting in many rumors, from a Boxxy combo to Yotsuba taking the GET. The most common is of Spiderman and "I believe the GET is mine, gentlemen."

191,111,111 GET

Caturday 23rd of January 2010

This GET took everyone completely by surprise. It was posted in a wincest thread where the OP posted a story about having sex with his cousin, only for his mom to get scared and say "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air". The actual GET was a response to the copypasta, saying simply:
File:191111111 get.png
The thread was immediately forced off topic while /b/tards both celebrated and raged over not only the GET, but also the birth of a new meme. Oldfags, on the other hand, described the content of the GET as describing itself.

193,000,000 GET

Sunday 31st of January 2010

This GET was almost completely unoticed. There were no threads for it, no spam, no nothing. It wasn't until after the strange fail occured that a few people realised the current post numbers. Even after it occured, not many said anything. It rather well shows off the strange new state of /b/ these days.

194,000,000 GET

Wednesday 3rd of Feburary 2010

"I'm ok with this". A thread related post GET.

196,000,000 GET

Wednesday 10th of Feburary 2010

"COME ON !!! GIVE THE GET!". The fail be building.

197,000,000 GET

Saturday 13th of Feburary 2010

Trollface GET

199,800,000 GET

Sunday 21st of February 2010

Oldfag GET

199,999,999 GET

Sunday 21st of February 2010

French GET

200,000,000 GET

Sunday 21st of February 2010.

The long-awaited 200M GET. Every single anon on /b/ rushed to get it. Some feared it would be another furget, others hoped EFG would finally win, while others simply didn't give a cunt suck about it.

Well, it turns out that, as expected, 200M GET was an epic failure. Or does anyone win in important GETs?

200M GET was a Ninetails get. It was so full of win that moot decided to truncate the last 3 digits of every single post in /b/.

Let us bask in the cancer that is killing /b/, for all hope is gone.


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