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/b/ 1 GET

Friday 29th of October 2004
B 1 get.jpg

6,000,000 GET

Friday 24th of March 2006


Modfag GET Drama

Wednesday 27th of February 2008


The epic 56M GET drama of February 27, 2008 was caused when Epic Fail Guy failed, in predictable fashion, to get the 57M get. The MODFAGS of 4chan quickly deleted the awesome post.


When 4chan's /b/ began to reach the 62 million post mark, it was discovered that a mod (undoubtedly) posted the 62,000,000 GET with furfaggery. WTF mods? Fuck off.

The picture turned "Thumbnail 404" and was replaced with "Warranty Void if Seal Broken," presumably a not FAGGOT mod.

66,666,666 GET

After the fail of the 60mil get, Anon from /b/ redeem themselves by getting a nigger get! The niggerist get IN THE JOSEPH FRITZ APPROVAL THREAD. Quickly resulting into a threadnought of fail, there is little hope that the cancer in /b/ is subsiding.

70,000,000 GET

Thursday 29th of May 2008

70M NiggerGET

In a unique twist, the 70,000,000th post in /b/ ended up being 404'd before most people got a chance to see it. Quick accusations quickly arose blaming the mods for the failed GET. It was quickly proved that 70M GET was rightfully "Niggers".

75,000,000 GET

It was a modget, and there was no attempt at hiding it. In a response to some gay thread, without a picture, was simply the word "modget." Epic fail.

77,777,777 GET

77,777,777 GET being won by 420chan introduced outrages in all red-hearted /b/tards and so a massive invasion of 420 chan of lulzy proportions was launched. However, the stoners at 420chan knew what the proper thing to do was and faggotry ensued.

80,000,000 GET

The 80M GET was the worst GET ever made.

81,000,000 GET

Tuesday 19th of August 2008

81M spam GET

81M GET went to the newfags, who love to save obfuscated code as JavaScript files. Go on, that spam seems legit! Even 3/4 of a year later, doing things that spammers tell you to do is still a favorite /b/tard pastime, evidenced by the fact that 4chan.jse is ALWAYS successful.

83,000,000 GET

The only guy who actually wins was EFG.

87,000,000 GET

Tuesday 23rd of September 2008

Awesome 87M GET!

Some fag ruined it.

87,654,321 GET

Saturday 27th of September 2008

Godly Luck GET

Godly Luck indeed.

88,888,888 GET

Suddenly, millions of newfags were posting all over the board the ;[ like DESU spam. And again, the same symbol was featured as the 103M GET.

90,000,000 GET

Thursday 9th of October 2008

Milhouse will never be a meme

With this get, Milhouse will never be a meme. But Milhouse will never be a meme is now a meme.

90,090,909 GET

Fail GET!!!

95,000,000 GET

Election Day Get

9,777,777 GET

Wednesday 19th of November 2008

100,000,000 GET

30th of November 2008

100m. fact or fur fan fiction ?
100M Controversy.jpg

On Nov 30, 2008, /b/ got its 100M GET. Sadly (or hilariously) it was a furry get, and to add insult to injury, 99,999,999 was a Britfag GET. At first it was hard to know since just about every new thread 404'd before anyone could grab a screencap, and screencaps can be shopped quite easily. But soon, multiple screencaps surfaced of the exact same thing in different themes and browsers, verifying the GET in the name of furfaggotry.

Many in the peanut gallery put on tinfoil hats and yelled "CONSPIRACY!!!" speculating that it was an inside job -a 4chan mod GET despite /b/ leading with a disclaimer of sorts.

100mGET nevar talk.png

Wherever the truth may lie, /b/tards finally accepted the outcome and the cold, hard truth behind it -that /b/ is overrun with furfags- and vowed never to talk of 11/30 again. However, this didn't stop newfags from posting "what was the 100m GET?" every other post for several days after. Sage goes where?

The Road to 100M GET About missing Pics
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ED's 1,000,000 GET

On October 28, 2008, ED received its ONE MILLIONTH EDIT OMGZ!!1 The honor went to User:Falcoknight for making an edit to some article nobody cares about, securing the 1MIL GET.


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