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GIYUS, or Give Israel Your UteruS, or the fan favorite Gays'll Insert Your Uncircumsized Scrotum is a top sekrit ballot stuffing tool use by the Jews to garner online support for Israel, similar in many ways to the Aryan Cyber Militia. In the same way that Anonymous is capable of spamming poll results, GIYUS users receive a little encouragement every now and then with a message like "Palestinian propaganda uncovered!" directing them to a JewTube video or something to vote on and leave pro-Israel comments.

GIYUS users are completely brainwashed Zionists and really hate it when you leave a comment on their target letting everyone know that GIYUS is targeting them. For lulz, install the GIYUS Megaphone Firefox Extension start voting opposite of what the Jews would want. Also mention GIYUS whenever you can.

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