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GTA Myths Wiki
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Type: Open wiki
Registration: Mandatory
Accessibility: Public
Location: On the Internet
Language: English
Current Status: Online
Launched: November 28, 2012
Website: here
The GTA Myths Wiki prides itself for it's high quality articles.

The GTA Myths Wiki is a shitty Wikia-based wiki that exists solely to document the "myths" or Easter eggs surrounding the entire game series. Nothing found on the GTA Myths Wiki is actually reliable, as much of it is fabricated by the fan fiction-loving administration to create content for their otherwise boring site.


The admins that create the aforementioned shitty content. It should be noted that these are the only significantly active people on the entire site.

  • AwesomeBoy
  • Boomer8
  • LS11sVaultBoy
  • Mantiix
  • Monkeypolice188
  • NoirDetective
  • Sasquatch101

Run-in With Encyclopedia Dramatica

Around late March of 2015, an admin from the GTA Myths Wiki, known as "Boomer8" discovered this article after a vandal known as "Gunshow" began vandalizing the wiki and leaving links to this page all over the site. Soon after, Boomer8 decided to join ED to try and persuade the admins into deleting this page by claiming that it was a shitty attack article in the following message that he posted on a few admins' talk pages, including DarkLordTR, JimmyWales, and SeeBeen.

Hey I'm Boomer8, an admin from GTA Myths Wiki.

    To make a long story short, some asshole has been vandalizing the website by posting holocaust and anime porn images; and now leaving links leading to the Encyclopedia Dramatica page he created. I've looked over your Removal Policy and the page qualifies to be removed; or at least censored. The page has personal information on GTA Myths Wiki users like some users'  home addresses, IP addresses, links to their Facebook, and real pictures of them. Those things listed are in violation of your Removal Policy. Now I'm not trying to be a stickler or tell you how to run your website, I just want a safe and comfortable environment for users of the GTA Myths Wiki without having a page written about them describing them as a "sandnigger" or a "britfag". I've checked out Encyclopedia Dramatica before and it's a pretty funny web site; but this hateful little prick who wrote the page is just using ED as a shitty attack site - what it was not meant for. Please consider removing this page; I'd be much appreciative. 

Page Link:

While this message was largely ignored, some admins decided to look into the matter and find a solution. DarkLordTR, who claimed to be "the most polite to Boomer8" out of all the other admins here, agreed with the proposal and deleted the page. A short while later, another admin, BakaRed restored the page out of disagreement with DarkLordTR's initial decision. As it turns out the original authors of the article did post dox of some administrators of the wiki in the earlier revisions of this page. BakaRed, the same admin who restored DarkLordTR's deletion of this page, hid the revisions to make it impossible for common users to view the material.

Terrible unfunny attack article: After reading this shit, I concur with the request Boomer8 left to remove it for hosting dox and butthurt attack shit


DarklordTR's message in the deletion reason summary.

I'm of the mind that we should try and fix articles like this, instead of flushing them because the site admin spammed all our admins


BakaRed restoring this page.

The Consensus

Later on, (around early April, 2015) SeeBeen put the article on "deathnotice" to see if anyone cared enough to fix it up. Nobody did, and it was eventually taken off deathnotice and left as-is. There was very little discussion regarding the actual consensus during the page's time on deathnotice, so no other action was ever taken against this article, apart from DarkLordTR's initial deletion.


The page stayed up and due to Boomer8 becoming increasingly more impatient with the ED staff, he was warned not to touch this article. Later on, Boomer claimed that he was going to tattle-tale on us to Wikia for this article in a comment board on the GTA Myths Wiki. What he seemingly doesn't understand about the entire matter is that nobody gives a shit about him or his butthurt rage against ED for having this article in the first place. Though he desperately tried to get the admins' attention once again, he was largely ignored.

DarkLordTR, who was initially on his side, retorted to one of Boomer8's last comments on ED with:

I even asked if anyone felt it should die, so far, no consensus on it being shit has happened, so up it stays. My advice, grow a thicker skin and get the fuck over it, cause it's not coming down, and in case you feel like blanking the page, read this in case your butthurt tempts you to do something that stupid.


—DarkLordTR, telling Boomer8 to grow up.

Boomer Tattle-tales on us to Wikia

You can probably feel the butthurt radiating off your computer screen from a mile away.

Good Pages on the Wiki


Wiki Activity


Noteworthy Events

Autismal August Anger

The event that turned the wiki into lolcows. Before this, the wiki was a nice, quaint little niche community with it's own culture, until a troll decided to ruin it all. While the troll itself only did petty vandalism and a couple of image replaces, it made the admins on at the time furious. Infinite blocks were given out en masse to random users, editing was locked down and the admins sperged out a lot. They are still angry over this, even months later.

2015 8chan Raids

Some anons posted various raid threads on the wiki. It started on 4chan /b/ but eventually made it to 8chan's /raid/, /baphoment/, /b/, /pol/ and /cow/ boards.

LS11sVaultBoy drops his own dox

He put his real life home address on his GTA Wikia page. Found by an anon during the 8chan raids.

AwesomeBoy drops his own dox

He would always sign articles with his real name, had it on his global profile and spammed links to his Facebook. Is he not surprised?

Finest Moments

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Did You Know...

  • ... that Boomer8 has been permabanned and pardoned from Wikia 4 times?
  • ... that Boomer8 tried (and failed) to get this article taken down?

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