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I respect your opinions. I am just saying that post is 100% false and everyone is free to hack us if we have those vulnerabilities in that post.


—Co-founder and CPO of Gab giving you permission to hack the website,

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Well done you alt-right cucks, you fell for another Jew.
Oh My Jew... #JewishLiesMatter
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Notice how the frog keeps it's eyes open watching you, that's what Torba does too.

Gab or is another pump and dump scam set up by (((Andrew Torba))) in 2016, a former member of Y Combinator who saw the rise of the alt-right during the 2016 presidential election and realised that he had another bunch of sheep he could use to pawn off his inferior social media competitor to Twitter using only a $49 dollar social media template along with someone else's microblogging code that their CPO Archive today-ico.png forked on Github along with PHP that can be 6 months+ out of date depending on who you ask. Torba realised that if you market yourself to them as a "free speech alternative" that they will buy it hook, line and sinker, so you can do whatever the fuck you want and the sheepish fanbase will do the advertising on Twitter, ironically, for you by making sure they YouTube Favicon.png change their Twitter usernames to their Gab profile URLs and spamming anyone about the latest new fad like there aren't already 300 fucking micro-blogging alternatives that are also a complete ghosttown. Of course they need your your donations while you receive nothing in return, not even a tax deduction thanks to the fact that they are a for-profit enterprise. Enjoy getting swindled.

They had a small surge in popularity because Twitter is run by a bunch of leftist retards who will ban anybody on short notice. However their userbase is stagnant because the entire site is a giant circlejerk of Trump supporters who need a safe space, where nobody challenges them with facts. Also due to the fact that it actually isn't functionally all that better than Twitter, and in some cases much worse. This in turn has led them to have to backpedal against the fact that they pandered to the alt-right since the start and actually be just as draconian as their main competitor.

Andrew Torba/Torbahax - Founder and CEO

(((Andrew Torba))) making sure his LinkedIn is as euphoric as possible, while trying to make "connections" with women and failing just as much as Gab is.
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The Gab Bible
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Your free speech champion ya green cunts.

Getting kicked out of Y Combinator

One of Torba's main narratives and reasons about being so passionate about this new venture is due to what he says was his experience at Y Combinator, where he says he has been unfairly and maliciously thrown out of that and it's private network Bookface, to what he calls a purge due to supporting Donald Trump and that merely saying to BUILD THE WALL made them feel unsafe enough to kick him out for expressing his political views; per his interview with Breitbart. A sympathetic audience will of course not challenge his version of events, like for example why Peter Thiel stays and he doesn't; Andrew says it's due to Thiel being a billionaire, when in actual reality it's because he doesn't harass people in Y Combinator for having different political beliefs.

After coming out as Pro-Trump back in June, I was labeled as a ‘racist, bigot, etc’ by members of the Y Combinator community. Many unfriended me, stopped doing business with me, and shut me out completely,” he continued. “Several other Y Combinator founders saw one of my recent tweets saying ‘build the wall’ which they claimed made them feel 'unsafe'.


—Andrew Torba,

Let's actually see the tweet he made, his Twitter has since been suspended, but that doesn't stop the fact that people already have their own copies:

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What he doesn't tell you that the image is of an actual message of a Bookface user, which means essentially that he is already starting a fight and going after the users that he is claiming to not harass in the first place.

What finally led to him being kicked out however was due to that in response to being called out in that network (not even by name) for doing that, by basically having a complete rageful spergfest because other people don't like that he's acting like a complete cunt.

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Of course these were the actions of a completely innocent man who didn't deserve to get kicked out off the service that so many budding entrepreneurs wish it could use to the full extent that Torba did in setting up his previous businesses.

His public filing documents in founding Gab

Torba filing.jpg

This is all publicly available so anyone asking to remove this can also fuck off per our removal policy regarding dox. We should also let you know that he really does not like this being made aware to anybody.

Other sites registered to his name

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Most of Torba's previous websites and business relate entirely to ads, and therefore should give you a clue into how they plan to monetise your user data. In particular how you can automatically track users and data in order to market to them more effectively. Seems to have worked rather well to entice people to sign up to Gab.

Torba uses < > instead of ((( ))) because he is Jew

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Torba bitches about getting kicked off a website he doesn't even use anymore

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He doesn't use Twitter

There are many who do not want you or any of us to speak freely.

We were targeted with DDoS attacks tonight at the same time my Twitter account was randomly banned.

We will continue to prevail and defend free speech against all odds.


—Andrew Torba, defending the free speech he stopped engaging in the first place

Torba wages ineffective war with Apple for rejecting their app

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Torba forces you to pay to post images and videos

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Torba spends 36 long minutes talking about Instagram ads


His Poetry

Archive today-ico.png sauce

King of the jungle, tall and proud.
My luxurious mane, soft and sound.
Warrior preparing for battle.
Hear my roar, mighty and loud.

Mediocrity, chains of mindless cattle.
Better to die than follow the crowd.
I stand ready; they dumbfound.
Blink of an eye, their world crumbles.
Flight of the lone to the Alone
Watch me as I stand my ground.
The howling wind it does not know
The great delight in love so cold
To feel the air beneath my feet
To be with you, oh what a treat

The valley covered in fresh snow
Spring is coming, or so i'm told
Gentle moments, embrace the feeling
This heart of mine you are surely stealing
Old broken soul.
You seek the timeless eternal.
First you must know yourself.
Seek until love burns like an inferno.
Which consumes, but does not destroy.
To be captured, and yet free.
One day you will be united.
The beautific vision is on the horoizon
The encompassing is at your fingertips,
But it is still beyond your grasp.
Love is united, yet individual.
Love is kind and openhearted, standing strong amongst the peccant world.
Love is timeless freedom unshaken by the winds of transgression.
Love is knowing yourself by knowing another.
Love is unwavering trust and faith in another to make choices in your absence and on your behalf.
Love is eternal, extending beyond the temporal and into the transcendent.
Love is everything that all else is not.
Love is.
Gates of freedom within my vision
Tale of time, as it is written
Blessed with wisdom from above
Seeker of truth, faith, and love.
I close my eyes and remember the haze
Of long hot summers; man those were the days.
Not a care in the world, searching for purpose.
The depths of my being, just touching the surface.

I remember the beauty of innocence and joy.
Oh I remember when I was a little boy.
But now I am grown, responsibility abound.
Every now and then I remember that playground.

King of the swingset, without a crown
Climb up to the top, slide all the way down.
In the blink of an eye it's time for dinner
When I think of these days I feel so much better.
Drifting in the sands of time.
On the search for love most Divine.
Life in the fast lane, can you keep up?
Beauty of life, after a breakup.

She whispered so softly into my heart.
Now it's over for good, where do I start?
Like all things in life this too shall pass.
Now it's time to build something that lasts.

Don't focus on who, when, or where you try.
What's most important is the "why."
If the flesh is what you seek you will fall short.
Money and fame might lead to divorce court.

What you seek is an equal, one on your level.
You need a friend, one for whom you are grateful.
Confidence, humility, patience, and virtue
This is a woman who will never hurt you.
The woman with the blue eyes.
She captured my essence with her glare.
I turned around and tried not to stare.
I have to admit she caught me by surprise.

There for a moment, enough to make an impact.
Time to pick my heart off the floor, still intact.
I may never know who she is or understand why
If I only had the chance to just say hi.
Gone for a while, but stuck in the moment
Try to hold back, try not to show it
Her unwavering compassion and subtle flair
I can't help but to stop and stare

That smile of hers is freedom's light
Timeless eternal, an endless sight
Beautiful angel, she is worthy of love
A true sign of the One above

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Ekrem Büyükkaya - Co-Founder and CPO

Being the exact demographic Gab's userbase hates

I’m Muslim, living in Turkey and I’ve never supported Trump for a single minute in my entire life. Also honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever do that.



—Good to know he has strong feelings for the alt-right

And I made a promise once, doing that one more time: if Gab starts showing favor to right-wing people, I’ll be the first to leave.



—Ekrem making the promise he should have carried out a long time ago

Ekrem made these quotes in a Archive today-ico.png Medium post where he attempts to bend so far back it reaches spine-breaking levels.

Begging for PHP coding work online

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Gab will snitch you out to your law enforcement

Users are prohibited from calling for the acts of violence against others, promoting or engaging in self-harm, and/or acts of cruelty, threatening language or behaviour that clearly, directly and incontrovertibly infringes on the safety of another user or individual(s). We may also report the user(s) to local and/or federal law enforcement, as per the advice of our legal counsel.

Gab follows the U.S. Department of State’s definitions of terrorism and list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s proscribed list of terrorist groups, organizations and/or individuals.


—Gab EULA,

Information Disclosed for Our Protection and the Protection of Others.

We cooperate with government and law enforcement officials or private parties to enforce and comply with the law. We may disclose any information about you to government or law enforcement officials or private parties as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate: (i) to respond to claims, legal process (including subpoenas); (ii) to protect our property, rights and safety and the property, rights and safety of a third party or the public in general; and (iii) to stop any activity that we consider illegal or legally actionable activity.


—Gab Privacy Policy,

Due to this, Ron Brynaert decided to ask Gab on Twitter these questions, to which he got no reply, we encourage you to also ask Gab these questions because we believe that you asking them might cause Torba to sperg out again.

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Gab at their security holes

Torba has had shit OPSEC before per passwords

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This image below is from one of the known emails of Torba. Once again it does not look pretty, pretty fucked up but not pretty.

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Logging out

Gabai logging out.png

If you were dumb enough to make an account on Gab, play that above game. Try and log out. Go on. See if you can do it. Remember this is cybersecurity 101. Even people who take Computer Science III should know this.

Solution: You have to go all the way into the settings page to even log out. Even we don't fucking do that shit.

External images

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That's right, Gab used to not even pass images through their own servers before displaying them to you (some of which were in non-encrypted HTTP), which means congratulations your personal data was at risk for even looking at any image on their service.

It took them until someone actually pointed it out publicly, for them to publicly deny that this security hole was real and then patched it.

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100% false apparently

Gab reads your Twitter DMs and write tweets on your behalf

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Congratulations you retards, through OAuth you have basically given them complete access to your entire Twitter, and then they can pass it on to law enforcement per their EULA. Fucking retards.

Gab mocks you if someone else gives them your personal info

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Being completely serious about user security if you need to let them know urgently that someone has falsely registered using your info they will proceed to mock you publicly on their Twitter about it. "Move on".

Gab stores your personal payment data directly on their servers

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You would think that Gab would use a trusted third party vendor in order to store your personal CC's, especially considering that they're generally weak with the stuff that they aren't even legally required to keep secure. We would recommend you cancel them ASAP.

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Torba claimed in a tweet that they used Stripe and that this was a lie, while we actually hope that is true and not just another fucking lie to give to his loyal fanbase. We just think it's a bit odd that it's all located and designed like Gab is storing it and not that you're using Stripe, nor does it say anywhere that you use Stripe. As well as the fact that once you enter your data it just resides on the servers and does not take you to any Stripe interface. In fact it doesn't really seem to do any verification.

Gab having all their verified donors leaked publicly

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Due to their known lack of security regarding XSS injections, their financial model of having people pay for verification ended up causing their users a bit of bother when the entire list was published on Archive today-ico.png pastebin. This naturally lead to Torba having to quickly enter damage control and blame it all on "SJW Goons" and not his own lack of ability to actually give his users the security they need.

Folks: some SJW goons have organized a list of all verified/donor-badged accounts on Gab. This is a common tactic for mass SJW reporting on Twitter as well. Collecting, organizing, and sharing a list of PUBLIC information is NOT "hacking." Security is our top priority here. Don't be intimidated.


—Andrew Torba, Telling you what is and isn't hacking

Of course, they also decided to get the pastebin taken down, because apparently in their minds a public list is something that needs to be taken down ASAP, about as much consistency as Torba does with free speech.

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The level of deluded arrogance disturbed part of Gab's own userbase to the point that they were actively criticising him on his own social network:

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And others decided that no matter what their Dear Leader does, they will always defend him to their very last. #SharedFate:

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Police.gif Torba. We're being serious. You have responsibility over thousands of users who trusted you. Tell them the truth.

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