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Game Shows are where people with a GED, poor people on food stamps or some "Genius" who stroke off their huge ego and tiny tiny pricks compete in order to try to make a boat load of money and win "fabulous prizes". That is when they get a nice visit from Mr. taxman and have to drop their drawers so they have to give there fair share.

How Niggers act when you award them nice prizes (Starts at 11:44)

FACT- Did you know that a woman will react the same way winning a dishwasher on The Price is Right as when a chainsaw wielding psychopath rapist runs after them?

Game Show Hosts

Are empty suits that work up to three days a month whose sole job is to look pretty on stage and read questions. If they worked any less harder they would be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek is a former Canuck who started his reign of terror in the early '70s with shows like Wizard of Odds & Double Dare. Shows that not even your 9,000 year old grandma remembers. He didn't start getting famous until he did High Rollers. When the show got cancelled Trebek got so butthurt that he got drunk on the show during the 1980 Finale. Trebek was well known for getting stinking ass drunk before the tapings he did game shows for. One of the most famous examples was when he was shooting a paid promo for some sort of contest Jeopardy did in the early '90s. These outtakes were leaked to youtube some years ago and has been bringing the lulz to this day.

"FUCK YOU! AND THEM TOO!" - Alex Trebek

However during the early '90s Trebek stopped getting drunk before the show and he became a bigger pretentious asshole than Michael Moore & Rush Limbaugh put together.

From the unreleased Jeopardy Movie where Alex Octos her pussy

Game Show Contestants

Charles Ingram

Charles is a Limey that appeared as a contestant on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. He is known as "Major Fraud" in his homeland because he cheated his way to a million pounds. As a result of his fail his rank was removed and lulz was had by all. When you see how he cheated the lulz factor multiplies by ten. While sitting in the hot seat he would repeat the answers to the question. He had a friend who was also a contestant cough loudly when he read the correct answer. While 99% of the audience knew what was going on the staff and the host Chris Tarrent were unaware until the of the show even though Chris mention several times how he thought his thought process was odd. Derp!

"Can I have of teh cheat? Derp! Derp! Derp!" - Charles "Major Fraud" Ingram

To add even more lulz Charles still says he never cheated to this day. :D

Michael Larson

Michael Larson was a ice cream truck driver that used to frequently offer kids candy to go in the back of his van. When he wasn't doing that Michael used to obsessively watch game shows. One day he noticed that the show "Press Your Luck" used patterns to shuffle the board. The reason the show was using patterns was because the computer was a Babbage Machine. That was when he ran his fat Santa Claus looking ass to Hollywood and bought a cheap suit from Salvation Army to go on the show.

"Can I have of teh money? Derp! Derp! Derp!" - Michael "hippie" Larson

"Can I have of teh MOAR money? Derp! Derp! Derp!" - Michael "hippie" Larson

Michael won moar than $110,237 which could have got you 40 tons of blow back then. The show thought Michael cheated and literally scrutinized every second of tape. When they didn't find anything they broadcast the show and lulz was had at their expense. :D

With his winnings Michael cashed his check and got all of it in one dollar bills because a radio station at the time was doing a contest and if the serial numbers matched you'd get $30,000. Some savy criminals heard about the loose money and when Micheal went to a Christmas party they broke in to his house and stoled it all. It went all downhill from there and Michael died of teh throat cancer in 1999.

Arrold van den Hurk

So some Dutch guy won teh lottery to appear on Miljoenenjacht (The O.G. Deal or No Deal). He had a great run with the cases and was offered 125,000 Euros when he did what any intelligent human being would do and accepted the offer. He immediately bawed right away and claimed it was an accident but the judge pwned him by saying that “I’m really sorry, but rules are rules”. To rub salt in to his derpy wounds he was forced to play out the rest of the round and of course he had the 5,000,000 Euros in his case.

Not accepting the fact that he failed, the moron filed a lolsuit. The LOLyer claimed that the rules were changed prior to taping. Not surprisingly the case went no where (Insert The Price Losing Horns Here).

Game Show crap

Japan... doing it right.

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