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Gamefly is Netflix with video games. Sounds great huh? Wrong. Under the disguise of a service, Gamefly is a jew scheme expertly designed to suck you dry.

First Class Service

Here is a little preview of the kind of experience you will have if you subscribe to Gamefly

This lucky customer only had to wait 2 months for his games.
  1. Sign up for free-trial.
  2. Get charged anyway.
  3. Add 10 games to que.
  4. Wait 16 days.
  5. Send email asking why you haven't been sent a game.
  6. Wait 5 days
  7. Get sent canned email saying to add more games.
  8. Add 30 more games.
  9. Wait 10 days.
  10. Get billed.
  11. Get sent game in original 10 anyway.
    Some people claim that Gamefly is actually worth it.
  12. Wait 16 days.
  13. Get told that game was lost in mail.
  14. Get charged for lost game.
  15. Wait 16 days.
  16. Get billed.
  17. Get sent last game on your que.
  18. Wait 16 days.
  19. Recieve scratched up freezing game.
  20. Send game back.
  21. Wait 16 days.
  22. Get billed.
  23. They recieve game.
  24. Send email asking for a free month for lost time.
  25. Wait 5 days.
  26. Get shit.
  27. Go to cancel account.
  28. Get offered free month trial.
  29. Go back to #1.
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