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Gamespy's logo depicts a pedophile preparing to attack.

Gamespy is confused with spyware, where nerds can get together with their e-friends in a vain attempt to arrange an online game. Gayspy, as it is affectionately known, incorporates at least 100 useful and intuitive features to make arranging games with your non-existent friends as easy as pie.

How To Use Gayspy

  1. Log on. Spend at least 100 hours looking for the right chatroom for the game you want to play. Chances are, this room will be completely empty, but if by some chance someone is present, spam them with DESU DESU DESU and requests to play until it is painfully obvious that they are afk. Leave, unfulfilled and as lonely as when you started.
  2. Repeat
  3. ????
  4. PROFIT!

The Point of Gayspy

Gamespy allows insecure individuals to play online multiplayer games in a physical, social and technical retard-friendly environment. Game stats at the end of a particularly good round are often captured and posted on large videogaming forums to boost their e-peen.

Lets fce it even Gamefags is better than this Piece o' shit game site.

Games That Require Gamespy to Play

Any old school game with no inbuilt server browser feature.

Games That Work With Gamespy

Superman 64 any game you should an hero over if you need help with.

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