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America's Favorite Cat
Then one day, Garfield discovered one of the sad facts of life. Masturbation.

Garfieldis the name of:

The comic strip, movie, and television show are all about a fat lasagna-crazed genderfluid pu55y. The plot never thickens. Due to its extremely high level of unfunny, Garfield is a frequent target of Photoshoppers. Some believe Garfield is a rehash of "A Christmas Carol" with Garfield as Scrooge and Nermal as Tiny Tim, and the most famous Garfield strip of all time was plagiarized by Jim Davis from an Italian cartoon.

The comic itself started in 1978. Its birthdays are celebrated every year in Davis' stories, yet that fucking cat doesn't want to die anyway. Some argue that this is a proof of Garfield's superpowers, although in fact it's only one of many scientifically proven idiotic ways of ticking the day off for an author. Just like other classical hilarious jokes like "I hate mondays", "Where is my fuckin' food", "Kill a Spider Week" etc.

Below is a list of a typical Garfield jokes:

Lorenzo Music (AKA: voice actor of Garfield) doesn't suck by proxy. He in fact, owned.

This is the whole comic strip in a nutshell.

GarfieldTools (comic strip creator)

GarfieldTools, the Garfield comic strip creator, is used to create funny and inappropriate automatically generated comic strips using the Garfield art and allowing a user to insert their own text. Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg It is available here.

No, Garfield, you have to suicide with bricks and knives, not imaginary ropes.

Traditional or typical GarfieldTools conceits

  • Garfield can go crazy-eyed, and has the power to make Jon go crazy-eyed. Sometimes he does this in order to make Jon into his slave, but mostly to make Jon STFU:
Garfield makes Jon go crazy-eyed for asking stupid questions while he's eating.
  • Usually when Garfield doesn't say anything, Vulgar Jon makes up for it by being even more creepily perverted than he already was:
Oh, how typical.
Who is Jon? Does Garfield exist?

This also confirms that Garfield is a faggot popper user.

MS Paint Time

Another method of making Garfield funny is simply editing Garfield out, thus making Jon look like a crazy fuck. Go Crazy. One fellow started by editing out only Garfield's thought bubbles, making Garfield act more like a "normal" cat. Another went further, edited out Garfield entirely, and actually published a book about it. what the fuck?

Jon is depressed.png
Jons crazy.jpg
No Garfield.png

Garfield minus Arbuckle

Not quite as lulz worthy, but still funny:

Garfield insane.gif

Garfield minus Garfield minus Jon

Taken one step further:


Garfield Minus Garfield Minus Jon Minus Backgrounds

And to the logical extreme:

Garfield Minus Garfield Minus Jon Minus Backgrounds.png

Garfield minus Garfield plus Shoop Da Woop


2017: Pokemon Sun & Moon Plagiarize Garfield

2018: ED discovers Jim Davis is a plagiarist

The death of Garfield

During the Web 1.0 days, newfags discovered several strips created by Jim Davis in the late '80s that suggested that Garfield had actually been dead for many many years. Jon and Odie had moved away; the house was abandoned and derelict; and his spirit lingered there in some kind of existential nightmare-like limbo.

Exhibit A - The 'Death of Garfield' strip...
Exhibit B - where Jim Davis stole it from.
(Trigger warning: very mournful and might make you blub)

Unfortunately, said newfags were fucking idiots as it was actually a nightmare of everyone Garfield relies on being taken away. To this day people people still ask Jim if he intended this strip to be Garfield's death, which pisses him off no end. So keep it up everyone and maybe he'll rage quit!

Many gay comics fans still splurge and squee over this strip, calling it (e.g.) "The Scariest Comic of All Time" and "the creepiest comic strip-related thing I have ever seen". Like this is the cartoon cat equivalent of "The Dark Knight Returns" or something.

In fact, it's not surprising that this 1989 strip is so uncharacteristically dark and eerie. It was so far beyond Jim Davis's imagination that he stole it, lock, stock, and barrel, from a far darker animated Italian movie released in the 1970s, called Allegro Non Troppo. But being a purveyor of schmalzy feel-good kitsch, Davis pussied out and gave it a happy ending.

The above video excerpt from Allegro Non Troppo has no spoken dialog, so even an idiot can understand it. A picture paints a thousand words. And here are the pictures that nail Jim Davis's plagiarism.

Still, it's nice to imagine that Garfield is actually dead though, isn't it?


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> Odie looks strangely familiar too, don't you think?

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