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Not to be confused with new-wave fag Gary Numan.
Also not to be confused with the gay creator of Facepunch, Garry Newman.

Garry Francis Newman is the man found guilty of ridding the world of a worthless, wrist cutting emo. In 2007, Garry assaulted and suffocated 15-year-old Carly Ryan on Port Elliot beach, south of Adelaide. He lured Carly in via a fake internet identity, posing as "Shane", a twenty year old Texan emo guitarist living in Victoria, Australia. According to his wife, Garry has a fetish for fucking chicks with glass bottles.

It was the third time Garry had attempted luring in a teenage girl via the internet. His previous attempts, one in the US and one in Singapore, were failures. Third time lucky, right?

He is currently spending the next 29 years of his life in prison.

Please remember that it was also his son that was in on the game. In fact his son was even part of the disposal of Carly's body.

If Gary's appeal doesn't work out, then Shane will appeal. Then there's always Brandon or a couple of hundred other not-Garys who can appeal.

Gary's appeal is now clear. His lawyer claims it was prejudicial to let on that he had sex with her while not being Shane, and that the jury should have had more emphasis on the possibility of returning a finding of manslaughter (she may have just co-incidentally died when he held her head under water all that time).

Newman maintained in excess of 200 fake online identities – under a variety of perverted, risqué names – while communicating with teenage girls, seeking to have sex with them.



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