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What chance do the poor girls have against this 50 year old megastud?

Garwy is a regular on the website Sparknotes, particularly the 'Your Poetry' and the "Current Events" boards. He has been accused of sexual harassment, taking advantage of 17-year-old virgins, and cyberstalking them.There's a name for what Garwy discloses of his sexual preferences - hebephiliac. i.e. anyone between the ages of 14 and 17 years old. But then that's just the thoughts and actions he tells people about.

The Welshman holds Sparknotes UK meetings at his home. His wife allows him to take young women upstairs to 'show them his guitar.'

If girls object to the behaviour of Garwy, he tells them they are just unable to handle the fact that he's the best kisser they've ever had.

If girls reject Garwy and give their virginity to another man, or move on to a new partner their own age, he starts blanking everything they write on Sparknotes and informing everyone that they are stupid and ugly. He faps when criticising others, loving it, acting in a manner reminiscent of the male homosexual stereotype often referred to as 'a bitchy old queen.'

He sends this pic to every woman on Sparknotes he targets, particularly 16 year old girls.

He also boasts that he had a full-on affair with a virgin aged 17. He works at a college and he rubbed himself against her at work.He wrote a lurid and pornographic account of his methods of persuasion on this girl.

After being exposed and reported to the editors on Sparknotes resulting in his account being deleted and all of his posts removed (at least 10,000), Garwy has now 'expanded' and also operates on Yahoo! Answers as synopsis. He's on the trawl for girlies again. He's still posting on Sparknotes under the names garnant, Voice of Reason, Alec_Durberville,and probably many others.

His ilcommendatore account has also been deleted, owing to complaints about his nefarious activities on and off the Spark Notes boards.

Garwy is suspected of being SONNETCLV, Dharmahorsey and the notorious misterpoet. His being Dharmahorsey is just a vile rumor, based on Dharmahorsey used a pic of Garwy in his profile. Misterpoet would be more likely, as it's hard to believe there would be so many hardcore pedos on one site. (Oh wait, that's right, SONNETCLV is really nomad2u.)

In late August 2007 someone wrote this putrid doggerel about Garwy.

An excerpt follows.

And so after a binge on real ale and pie,

which his sole loved one had given him to sedate him,

knowing the volume of food he would eat might kill him,

his system finally collapsed under the weight of excrement.

Alone in his sewage,

(Garwy) died.

Fueling speculation that Garwy is no longer alive, or maybe he has faked an e-death in order to create another persona to reclaim his former powers to lure young girls.