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Gary Brodsky is the classic money grubbing Jew. Gary's scheme is he teaches you how to become an Alpha Male and get teh pussy. The problem is he is an ancient steroid taking hypocrite who sells you over priced DVDs, potions, pheromones, oils, etc.

The Man, The Legend, The Fraud

In this rare comic Sol uses his superpowers to see in to the future. Once he see his Alpha Male son he takes off his belt and beats the shit out of him.

Gary is the classic Chauvinist pig who thinks everyone should live in the year 1955 which is funny because he dresses like a late '70s guido with his greasy hair and his Niko Bellic Adidas track suit. Gary considers himself a health guru which is lulzy because he has a two pack a day habit.

For some reason he thought he could make money teaching men how to pick up chicks was a good idea. The problem is he is a pathological delusional liar and he is about as manly as Rodney Dangerfield on roids. It is fairly obvious to anyone who listens to his show that he hasn't had sex since Carter was in office.

Among his many claims is his mass knowledge in relationships from his job as a "US Intelligence Trained Seduction Specialist".

Sol Brodsky (Gary's Dad) was a talented comic book artist and a hard worker unlike his lazy no good son. Gary was raking in the money until he died in 1984 from being a Jew. Gary being an opportunist started his own comic book company (funded by his Dad's Jew Gold).

Solson Publications

One of the many successful comics from when Gary owned Solson comics

Gary started this comic book company for the sol purpose (get it?) of making cocaine stained stacks of money from his Dad's death. If you need anymore proof look at the name Sol & Son...Sol's son. Gary? (get it?)

Gary's business was so successful that it ran from 1986-1987. Part of the reason was it lasted so long was the great line of comics like...

All of these comics were destined for the bargain bin and bought by no one bringing lulz to the masses.

{{#widget:SoundCloud |id=165117563 |width=100%



According to Gary from this recent prank call Reagan's Raiders is the best selling comic book of all time.

What Gary thinks of Men

Gary thinks that masculinity is dying and he is mankind's salvation. As a man you should work out seven days a week and have no less than 99% muscle mass (any less and you are a fatty). Also you are not to allowed to play vidya games because that will guarantee turn you in to a cock sucking faggot (That goes for D&D, comic books and anything that will give you virgin disease). When you have your twelve pack on your stomach and shit razor blades you are ready for teh pussy. Congrats you are now a Alpha Male.

According to Gary women should be subservient to you and you are allowed to treat them like trash if they don't cut the crust off your bologna sandwich.

Gary's expert advice: Treat Women like pond scum
More expert tips on Gary on How To Be Forever Alone

What Gary thinks of Women

Look at Gary's pimp hand on his webpage. There are millions of women on them.

As women your sole job is to clean the house, go to the beauty parlor to get your nails done to look pretty for him and cook him pot roast and potatoes. Once you do that you finish the day by giving your man passionless fellatio then in the morning when you long for a real man you'll get fucked by the milk man.

Are you barefoot and pregnant? Good then your purpose has been fulfilled.

Gary's Website

I hope you like seeing dollar signs because they are all over the place on Gary's site

Gary's website is a collection of Gary's fap images that he stole from Google image search. The whole website is designed so mindless idiots gives Gary teh moneyz.

Here is a list of great products and services he has on his website.

If that wasn't bad enough he charges ridiculous amounts for this crap. For example the average price of his DVD's are $60-$70. He charges $120 an hour for phone consulting (or Special Instructor's package $3000 for 25 hours of intense consultations, training to be an effective instructor and seminar training included.)

My favorite being "ALL THE BEST - Over Thirty Five hours and 3,000 pages worth of the most hidden knowledge about women you need to know" - $1050

Basically if you are looking to get your wallet raped this is the site for you.

Occult Force

Occult Force is Gary's second website. It's just like the first except Gary stole most of the designs from late '90s death metal bands. What makes this site loony is the stuff he has on sale is even more craptastic and outlandish than his original site. Like Spiritual kits, Tailsmans, etc. which still costs an arm and a leg (in Gary's case literally). For a man that believes in mainstream religeon you'd think it would be a tad hypocritical of him to believe in this stuff. Maybe it's because Gary is after the Jew Gold.

Speaking of his conspiracy theories make Francis E. Dec, Esq. rants sound plausible. He literally goes all over the place not even making sense at times.

Gary makes the Callers on Coast-to-Coast A.M. seem sane in comparison
Moar Insane Ramblings

Here is a clip from his $400 occult DVD where you can use Spiderman pencils to make your dreams come true.

The Modern Alpha

"What's that? You want free shit? You're are going to pay for it like every other dumb fuck that visits my site." - Gary being a Jew.

This is Gary's third website designed around his philosophy that all men should be Alpha Males like him.

...and at this point when you have seen one of Gary's sites you've seen them all. Generic sites that tell you that all you have to do to be a like Gary is to GIVE HIM ALL YOUR FUCKING MONEY BITCH.

He designs each site just slightly different enough hoping that stupid google will plug them in whatever random search impotent guys type in to teh interwebz.

Gary hopes his ten billion websites will help him get teh filthy Jew Gold.

Complaints From The Better Business Bureau

Would you believe the great Reverend Gary Brodsky is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau?

If you have read this tl;dr page this should come as no fucking surprise. When Gary had his The Hidden Powers website. It sold the exact same overpriced shit the other ones had. The only difference was he referred to himself as a reverend. Just because he lured naughty kids in to the confessional doesn't mean he is apart of the church.

Complaint #1

This dipshit ordered stuff and got screwed over by Gary three times.

The first time was when he ordered a .pdf from his website and wasn't able to download it (probably due to the fact that Gary is still on dial up). Gary great customer service plan was to ignore the guy completely.

The second time the same guy ordered one of Gary's "Services". Once again Gary took the money and ignored the sucker. Let me tell you for $247 I better get anal.

The third time the guy ordered some "Blood Gold" which was some sort of herbal supplement. When the package arrived the instructions on the bottle were unreadable. Probably happened when Gary was shooting his jizz in to the bottle. The guy contacted him multiple times and once again Gary used the money to wipe his ass with.

If only this dumbass would have seen that Gary wasn't accredited on the BBB website maybe he could have done what real alpha males do and that's buy whores.

Complaint #2

This guy asked for a personalized Gary CD. Nothing inspires masculinity like some old kike with a raspy smokers voice speaking in to a cheap microphone then burned on to a CD-R. The guy claimed he had great previous experiences with his products and was shocked that Gary stiffed him. He called him numerous times was Gary was making it rain singles at the titty bar.

The complaints most have had effect because he stopped using that website and started a million more.

Gary's Great Gallery of Customer Service

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Complaints about Gary on The Better Business Bureau

Peak POTENTIAL Professionals

Gary bought this house negro at the auction for $20

Peak Potential Pros is most likey a dupe website run by Gary (as most of the stuff looks like the same shit from his own). John used to be a pussy whipped omega nigger until he met Gary Brodsky. Now John is an uber Alpha Male who eats broken bottles for breakfast yet he sounds like like Ben Stein after having morphine.

We explore some of the fastest, deepest, most profound techniques available on the planet, and interview Master Practitioners. We also have shows on Holistic Healing in general, as well as about the Law of Attraction.


—John (While performing fellatio on his Alpha master)

"John's" website (Free thanks to Wix)

"John's" youtube channel

"John's" Blog Talk Radio Show

Gary on Blog Talk Radio

Gary's special oil to get you to spend $100+ so you grab your ankles on his website

Gary's BTR show is the equivalent of getting AIDS in your ear canal. The show is nothing more than to plug his ten billion websites. He hires actors to call the show to plug his website and products hoping some idiot will be gullible enough to buy his snake oil. What Gary doesn't realize is he constantly gives his gems on masculinity thereby making a visit to his website unnecessary.

Gary BTR Drinking Game

Since Gary likes saying the same fucking things over and over a drinking game has been implemented. You'll be peeing Smirnoff by the time Gary's show is over. Take a shot when Gary says or does the following:

Congratulations! You are now on a metal slab in the morgue due to Alcohol poisoning. Hope it was worth it. :-)

Gary Being pranked on BTR

We see Gary dressed as the cop from the Village People ready to go to the local glory hole.

It wasn't long before Gary was trolled. Many trolls pranked his show for weeks resulting in major butthurt for Gary. He also used it as a selling point for why men in America are becoming pussies. His old female kike co-host also got offended resulting in many lulz. Halfway in to the show all they could talk about was Dwight and the show unraveled. The video below is a compilation of those calls.


Thanks for saving me the time of going to the White Pages Gary. :D
If Gary can't get you the girl you want he'll break her kneecaps for you for an extra $500.

Gary being the technological idiot has never heard of Paypal and has his dox on the bottom of his front page.

Gary Brodsky

15 Birch Street

Westport, CT 06880-4409


[email protected]


Gary Brodsky shows you how to act like a spaz when walking in to a gym
Gary's second spastic entrance
Third Entrance. Same Derpiness. Double the pot belly.

Videos trolling Gary's entrance and they'll probably be false flagged at any moment.


See Also


YouTube Favicon.png Gary's Youtube Page

Facebook Links

So many facebookz.

Most entrepreneurs have one or two facebook pages Gary has more than 9000. Gary thinks this will get him more money but in reality everyone points to his hook nose and lulz. page

The Gary Brodsky Revolution Page

Occult Force By Gary Brodsky

Gary Brodsky page

Gary's second Facebook page

And for the lulz there is a group trying to stop the master Alpha Male

Gary Brodsky Must Be Stop

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