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I, for one, welcome our new Hello Kitty gas mask overlords

Gas Mask Girl is a 16 year old girl who showed up to the Sydney Scientology raid bedecked in a Hello Kitty babydoll tee and a respirator+motorcycle goggles (NOT an actual gas mask). Because of her bosom and being azn she became an instant meme and the poster child of the global movement. Scores of threads by the wapanese instantly appeared online demanding dox and rule 34. Arguments immediately sprang up on whether she qualified as a -chan or not, leading to many tears shed and hearts broken. Controversy also raged about whether she was, actually, hotter and more fappable with the gas mask left on. However there might be moar hot girls at events like these if there was no rule 34, but then there'd be no poorly drawn boobies on teh interwebz. Hard dilemma is hard.

UPDATE: New photos have emerged revealing that the person in the Bart Simpson mask is a woman with claw hands - this may invalidate some of the information below.

Debate is still raging about GMG's Chan status, in an epic and lulzy battle between Oldfags who seem to think there is a list of rules for Chans like something Moses got off God on the Mount, and Newfags who are desperate to prove that 2/10/08 wasn't just a gathering of unwashed, underage B& basement dwelling males.

Perhaps the most lulzful aspect of GMGs appearance on /b/ was the speed with which the drawfags got to work on her. Less than 5 hours after the Sydney raid started talented artists across the globe - mouse in one hand, cock in the other, had fashioned their own cartoon fap material of everyone's favorite well decked, bio-warfare-proof azn.

Gas Mask Girl appeared on the front page of ED and on, both on the front page of the site and in the gallery. She later appeared on JWZ's LiveJournal, an indication that her meme status had become self-sustaining. was found watermarked on her latest pictures and may be her deviantart account. Even though beethy is a 30 year old male photographer. It also had a self portrait on it that looked a lot like her.

Anonymous would like moar pictures of her for motivation. She can be like World War II's Rosie the Riveter (if she gets rid of all that fucking metal shit in her face, or keeps the mask on). Although it now seems that Anonymous will never see that happen, for GMG seems to have fallen out of Chanology, perhaps scared away by her legion of drooling basement dweller fans who will never touch a breast IRL. Luckily for us though, the New York Nurse; NYC's moar dedicated mascot, is on the rise to take over GMG's abandoned position for Chanology poster-girl.


See also: New York Nurse, GMG's mascot-sister in North America. And New Zealand Fail Guy, the polar opposite of the two in the anti-Co$ movement.


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