Gay Drama 2006

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In the gay community, infidelity is best treated by spamming your drama all over LJ.
Duomaxwell1903's LJ profile pic before The Dramas.
After filing an e-lawsuit for slander, Lj-favicon.png fresyes and Lj-favicon.png duomaxwell1903 were lolled out of court and told to GTFO.
Madrigalskylark apologizes and attempts to intervene.
Drama of the worst kind!
Decafeine's AMAZING cartoon depicting his anger.

Gay Drama 2006 was a LiveJournal gay breakup drama in which Lj-favicon.png duomaxwell1903 opened a can of lulz all over the gay LJ communities of Lj-favicon.png new_gay_boys, Lj-favicon.png whateverfaggot, Lj-favicon.png homos4god, and Lj-favicon.png christiangays.

The original post

Okay, I know I don't make public posts, but here goes:

I'm so PISSED at Kevin/fresyes.

We've been dating for OVER A YEAR NOW!! WERE MOVING IN NEXT WEEK!!

And Saturday nite at this party our friend Matt threw for us, HE WAS MAKING OUT WITH MATT!

I couldn't believe it! I was talking with a friend, and all of a sudden, I look over, and there's Kevin, making out with him! MATT HAD HIS HANDS DOWN HIS PANTS!!

And from the looks of things, Kevin was liking it too! He had the smile he always gets whenever I'm touching him the right way... ANYWAY

I just can't believe him right now. He says it meant nothing, but I know it does. He probably only likes Matt anyway because he has money. I went through his bills last nite, and found out that Kevin has $20,000 in credit card debt!! FROM EXPRESS!!! What a fag! No wonder hes always moooching off of me!

Plus, he was gaining weight too. THe night I met Kevin in the club, he was so skinny, but now hes gained about 30+lbs! Talk about FATTY!

What added insult to injury was when I was online last nite, and Kevin still was signed in on AIM. This guy kept IMing me, asking me when he was going to come over again for sex!

I'm still so upset. He told me that he was going to save himself for me after we moved in together! He kept telling me what a good Christian he was, and how he always thought the whole gay scene was so slutty, and how he just wasnt like that.

But now I'm going to make sure that EVERYONE knows what a fuckin DOUCHE Kevin is. I'm sooo pissed off right now. I think I might post this to some of the LJ communities just to warn them about how TERRIBLE he is!!



The Aftermath

This original post spawned over 180+ comments in Lj-favicon.png new_gay_boys, was baleeted within minutes (but not before 80+ comments were reached) on Lj-favicon.png whateverfaggot, and produced an explosion of lulz in the gay LiveJournal community not seen since George Michael fucked some random guy in the woods.

More lulz occurred when boyfriend Lj-favicon.png fresyes filed an e-lawsuit for defamation of character in e-court. Both parties were lolled out of court. As of right now, you can vote for the bigger dramawhore faggot. In addition, spamming either of their livejournals or trying to score a quick fuck from Lj-favicon.png boystownhung can increase your e-penis by a few inches.

In a nutshell...

You can always rely on faggots to create drama. Copypasta is encouraged and lulz are guaranteed.


These screenshots are the only record of the deleted post and its comments in Lj-favicon.png whateverfaggot prior to the b&nnation of both Nets and Tfo.


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