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O hai!

gayfaggotinc started out as a LiveJournal community ripping off roflcl and After the inevitable deletion it spread to IRC, but noone gives a fuck about IRC.

Originally the community was composed of general Dadaist noise, but because of the nature of the Internet it soon devolved into posting really gross porn and IRL guro. Posted in the community were drawings of Pokemon characters sodomizing each other, women eating shit, sadomasochistic Lolicon dickgirl tentacle-rape, and furry art of giant horsewomen with 300-pound breasts that have dicks for nipples, making the community tie with show_your_boobs and digimon as the most intellectually stimulating thing on LiveJournal, by sheer default.

Linking n00bs to it was more satisfying than, Tubgirl, and that one picture of the old men having wild sex, but because it was on LiveJournal it still devolved into really lame drama. Both the community, which is currently deleted, and the IRC channel collapsed in on themselves. Now a horrible shadow of its glorious former self, gayfaggotinc lives on in the furry IRC channel. Nevar forget.

Famous gayfaggotinc-ites

The furry-to-mundane ratio was about 3 to 1. Anyone who wasn't a furry was at least a VAGINA.

The gayfaggotinc theme song, written by jessk

White power 1-2-3-4!
I stand watch my country, going down the drain
We are all at fault, we are all to blame
We're letting them takeover, we just let 'em come
Once we had an Empire, and now we've got a slum
White Power! For England
White Power! Today
White Power! For Britain
Before it gets too late
Well we've seen a lot of riots, we just sit and scoff
We've seen a lot of muggings, and the judges let 'em off
(Repeat Chorus)
Well we've gotta do something, to try and stop the rot
And the traitors that have used us, they should all be shot
(Repeat Chorus)
Middle Eight:
Are we gonna sit and let them come?
Have they got the White man on the run?
Multi-racial society is a mess
We ain't gonna take much more of this
What do we need?
(Repeat Chorus)
Well if we don't win our battle, and all does not go well
It's apocalypse for Britain, and we'll see you all in hell
(Repeat Chorus) x2