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Info non-talk.png This article is about some crap fansite. For your favorite Neon Genesis Evangelion character, see Gendo Pose. is a website for requesting, uploading and downloading anime music, and more recently, anime episodes. Also has a twitter and facebook.

The Webmaster is a dickweed who not surprisingly, calls himself Gendou. Gendou loves having his ass kissed by members and is not above hacking a member's email accounts, etc. simply because he doesn't like them. He also may resort to cheap, immature insults.


He has a neat little set of rules for his website that are so stupid and hypocritical, it's mind-boggling.

  • He disallows music from certain anime, ostensibly because they are licensed, yet songs from other licensed anime are alright.
  • He disallows music from character single and image song albums despite how popular they may be.
  • He seems keen on avoiding breaking the law by uploading licensed music, yet anime episode downloads are perfectly A-OKAY.
  • At one time, music from the anime Gravitation was allowed, but a user uploaded a song Gendou believed not to be from the anime itself. The user showed him proof that it in fact was. Gendou then blacklisted Gravitation to put an end to the problem.

Lord Gendou

Members who dare to question or even express the slightest negative opinion about Gendou or his rules are liable to have their account IP banned. Complaints or an attempt to fairly state a case are absolutely unacceptable. To quote Gendou directly: "Please do NOT dispute upload points in the forum; I never make mistakes." (Seriously, what kind of fucktard actually SAYS that?)

If Gendou finds a member direct linking music on another website, he will get back at them by replacing music links with images, including random porn, tubgirl, and shitting dicknipples, resulting in bans on the other websites for the user.

So here's saluting you, Gendou; you're definitely in the running for the title of DOUCHEBAG OF THE CENTURY!

Not surprisingly, gendou is not the only god-complexed animu fan out there.

The Beginning of The End

this needs organization.

When gathering info, use a proxy, YOU WILL BE IP BANNED! If When you are banned, simply choose another proxy, found here: ...wash, rinse, repeat.

Note that this fucker keeps logins up on bugmenot as honeypots. Using one will get you banned specifically for having used it. Unfortunately, this means you have to do the signup shit EVERY time. Yes it fucking sucks. Yes, this guy is a goddamn Jew. Yes, you should have expected this. Choke on a bucket of dicks.

It turns out that the phone number and IP address registered to gendou forums is also registered to other sites (see second pic) MANY other sites.

And so it begins people... I was not expecting so many domains to this man is a paranoid fuck.

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