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Parents beware! This guy stalks teenagers in video games
Gene Turnbow, who holds the work title "wiki admin", donates his brain to science
Internet stalkers Gene Turnbow ("Kalel Venkman") and Susan Fox-Davis ("Kara Timtam"), who believe themselves to be Superman and Supergirl respectively.

Four shots, wouldn't even empty the clip.


—Internet tough guy (and middle aged pathetic loser) Gene Turnbow makes death threats against 17-year old transgendered girl

Gene Turnbow, legally Gregory Eugene Turnbow (born ca. 1956), is an aging griefer and stalker in Internet-based video games. This 63-year old geriatric creep is known for stalking teenagers in the virtual world Second Life. Gene believes he is Superman, and this fantasy is not limited to video games, but extends well into real life. In Second Life, he uses the avatar name Kalel Venkman, i.e. Kal El, and is the founder of Justice League Unlimited, an organization primarily dedicated to stalking teenagers and anyone who has fun. Gene Turnbow has also expressed his strong hatred of transgendered people, and has a history of making death threats against, and of bullying, such individuals, in one case resulting in a suicide of a 22-year old.

Together with other morbidly obese middle aged losers, Turnbow uses all his spare time to collect information about teenagers and other young people having fun in Second Life. He even went to the effort to create a wiki with literally thousands of entries on other SL players, exclusively for the purpose of stalking women and children[1]. After his secret wiki was leaked to the public, he has harassed ISPs with fake copyright claims in order to suppress distribution of it[2].

When he got banned for cause from virtual estates for his griefing activities, he sometimes convinced the former Plexus Linden to unban him from the estate in question and ban the estate owner instead.

A man in his 50s from Simi Valley in the Los Angeles area in California, he works as a "technical writer, wiki admin and trainer of animators at Rhythm & Hues Studios, Inc." according to his LinkedIn profile[3].

Death threats against 17-year old transgendered girl

Gene Turnbow will forever be remembered for the quote "Four shots, wouldn't even empty the clip", a threat by this transphobic 50-something year old directed at a 17-year old transgendered girl.

After Tizzers Foxchase, a transgendered female, and some friends who happen to live close to Kalel in real life, decided to knock on Kalel's door while in costume and trick-or-treating on Halloween[4], Mr. Turnbow made death threats against them:

[22:35] Kalel Venkman: Had I been home at the time, I'd have been within my legal rights to shoot them all dead on the spot.
[22:35] Kalel Venkman: Four shots, wouldn't even empty the clip

Tizzers, who came to Kalel's house while in girl's clothes, was believed by Gene Turnbow to be 17 at the time, which probably was accurate. This incident took place after creepy Gene had already RL stalked Tizzers for some time, e.g. contacted her college to get her kicked out over a vendetta of his in a video game.

Transgendered girl driven to suicide, Gene Turnbow mocks her even after her death

It is perhaps telling the alaskacremation guestbook for [name] has no public entries, if at all. That mute testimony is eloquent.


—Stalker and psychopath then in his mid 50s mocks dead transgendered girl after her suicide at 22

The perhaps most shocking incident involving Gene Turnbow is the suicide in 2009, on her 22nd birthday, of a transgendered girl known in Second Life as Nikola Shirakawa, who was a member of Gene's vigilante group in 2006 and 2007, but who left due to their abusive nature. In his creepy wiki, obsessive stalker Gene Turnbow describes in great detail the harsh rejection, cyber bullying and stalking he and his other middle aged friends subjected her to for years, her suicide plans in 2008 (and his own indifference to them), and her eventual actual suicide the following year. Even after her death, this psychopath continued to mock her, gleefully pointing out that an online obituary page had no entries, and posting her name change records.

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