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The general faggotry that is the General Discussion.

If Gaia Online wasn't unoriginal and lame enough on its own, adding in the General Discussion (or General Dick-suck-tion) would top it off like a cherry on a sundae. Unfortunately, Gaia is unoriginal and lame, so the GD is more like pissing in an ocean of piss. Here, camwhores, 16 year old girls, weaboos, teenagers, and basement dwellers come together to discuss anything and everything that doesn't fit the TOS. Combined, they form the shithole that is the GD.

How does I GD?

Well, that depends mostly on your purpose. You can be like 99% of the GD population and regurgitate a 4chan meme, but you will most likely fall 6 months behind, making you look like a fag (although, in all honesty, you'd look like one anyways for being on the website at all). Most GD'ers have fapped to mudkip over 9000 times in one day, sometimes adding them into their horrid signatures because "pokemans r so kawaii". Other kinds of GDers post pictures of themselves and ask if they are hawt. Be sure to tell them they are the most horrid thing on the interwebs, because there is a substantial amount of truth to that.

Every GDer wants their name to be dropped in a topic, known as namedropping. This is the lamest and lowest form of attention whoring. "Lulz, my name has been teh dropped," is a frequent mating call heard from many GDers. It's against the GD forum rules, but "Which GDer do you want to have sex with???" (always a namedrop thread in disguise) is actually worth breaking the guidelines for. Other topics worth breaking the guidelines for include "I R REQUESTING MEH SUM n00ds!", "Let's Cyber!", and creating namedropping threads just to see which attention whores will mail you with offerings of gold to get "teh dropped". At this point any self-respecting troll with time on their hands (and you must have time on your hands if you're on this abortion of a website) will take a screen shot of these messages and post them all over the GD to increase the person's growing E-shame. Gdersfeedtrolls.JPG


A fun pastime of the extremely few GDers under 200 pounds is to get naked on camera. Just about everyone and their mother has had some kind of nude leaked which has kept GD in a frenzy looking for others for years. In March some users who had a guild known as Ignorant White People, or IWP for short, found more nudes. They trolled them a lot, resulting in over 9000 bannings.

Most of the whores who post nudes either beg their e-friends to leak them for attention or get them spread and cry about it.(EX: JorGHETTO and LyleYouUp) None of them are even good enough to be an hero they just cry and add more spam to the GD. One of them got dared and just had the balls to post himself naked. The thread survived for several hours and the moderators took no action against Tommy because they had a boner. But of course, you knew all about that, didn't you? This sick shit is becoming increasingly more popular for the GD's camwhores, even today.


This is a decent troll in his outfit of choice

There are the good trolls; there are the bad trolls. No, you are not a troll if you post a picture of Daniel Radcliffe naked until your eyes bleed. Good trolls know how to generate lulz. To create lulz, you just need to learn a simple equation that works for 69% of all topics at least 100 pages long. Take any one of these categories and spread teh h8.

   * Abortion and why it's wrong
   * Abortion and why it's right.
   * Gay marriage and why it's wrong
   * Gay marriage and why it's right.
   * How women need to get back to the kitchen
   * How God exists and you're going to hell
   * How God doesn't exist and how stupid you are.
   * Attacking teh prommies!!!!!
   * The fat, lazy, and ignorant Americans
   * Niggers
   * Jews
   * Penises 
   * How bisexuality doesn't exist
   * The joy of having a penis
   * Leave Soundblast Alone
   * LANZER RAPED MEH!1!!!11!!1!
   * Why Twilight is the best book ever!!11!
   * HAPPY SEPTEMBER 11th!!!!!1111!!!1111ONE!!!!!!!
   * Hey GD, Do you think I'm hot?~

Bascially any topic title that actually forces the user to think about a subject and engage what little of their atrophied head muscle (read: BRAIN) they have left, since being withered away on an endless diet of pop-rocks, soda, cheetos has left them unable to formulate coherrant thought, and unable to handle any (ANY) type of criticism. Although most of the GD hates trolls, a current trend is for 16 year old girls, who failed at getting noticed just being a normal faggot, decide to try this cute new thing called trolling where they call themselves a troll and think they piss people off. This leads to over 9000 faggots who think they're hot shit making threads about abortion, trying to be the next kawaii nesu deko chan.


Nearly every GDer lacks the basic capabilities to read the Terms of Service or the forum guidelines. The few and simple rules that Gaia does have are too much for the "rebellious" forum. Gaia says no moar Pedobear, and you know what GD does? They circumvent the word because they couldn't take it in the ass as Pedobear himself would do. This led to hilarious amount of lulz from Anon because faggots will always be faggots.


Somehow the lazy, fatass mods and admin got some wild hair up their asses and decided that they'd try to do something about the shit-stain on their perfect forum website and enlisted a new mod, Soundblast, to clean everything up for them. Along with some other equally retarded mods, Soundblast proceeded to move and delete over 9000 threads and piss off every faggot in the forum. This prodded the butthurt GDers to make guilds and create mules to "rise up" and change the forum. So now the entire forum is filled with threads complaining but not actually doing anything, and the mods will keep moving said threads until they get bored. Predictably sometime around the fall when everyone has to go back to 2nd grade and repeat it for the third time. But now he's gone.

More currently the mods have seen that no matter what they try to throw at the monster-shithole they created, they can't change shit. So they planned on splitting the General Discussion into two different forums- one for retards/srs discussion, and the other for retards/attention whores. This, for some reason, pissed everyone off, the reason being that the faggots wishing to get recognized thought they had better chances to a wider audience (but shhh no one wants to admit it).

In June of 2009, General Discussion's Rules and Guidelines were updated, destroying all of the faggotry that went on in there. This actually worked to the GD's disadvantage, causing most regulars to pack up and leave to guilds.

Lurkers and The Art Of Lurking

A prominent disease in the GD is something known as Lurking. This is people who do not think they are worthy enough to post in threads and instead don't do anything.

Very annoying.


A worthwhile note is that the GD is one of the major factors of the cancer that is killing /b/, because 99.9999% of all /b/'s 16 year-old girls and camwhores come from here, probably including the most cancerous single human being on earth next to Kimmo, Boxxy, who, in fact, said she made her first video for her fellow gaiafag. Most of the gaiafags who regular on /b/ come from here. These cancerous cunts, despite popular belief, did not invent rules 1 & 2, as they have no concern for it, and talk about 4chan almost as much as they camwhore in their signatures.

GD's Current Faggots

Everybody who lurks, posts on, or in any way visits GD, or the entirety of Gaia Online, is a gigantic faggot. No exceptions. Anybody on General Discussion who has even the slightest belief that their username deserves to be on this article or any other ED article is an even bigger retard than the rest of GD, and that's saying something. Seriously guys, stop trying to write yourselves into this article. Nobody cares about you. Really.


There are OVER 9000 GD guilds! All for groups of Gaiafags to hang out together and talk about random shit that you could find in the GD, minus all the trolling and n00bs asking 'can i has goldlulz?'. Most of them are just shitty, decrepit versions of the GD.

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