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"He shore has a purty mouth." --Terry Koeckritz

Enter Geo.plrd, sufficiently summarized as the wet dream of every amorous Republican Senator. He was one of the first administrators of Conservapedia, who survived Schlafly's purges with inconsequential edits, garnering promotion in the process. He is obviously rebelling against godless hippie parents who are too busy getting high and fucking to properly supervise their little dittohead on the internet, and as a result he has developed terminal USI from the flattery Andy Schlafly's pedo goons employ during the grooming process.

Publicly he kept a low key image, hiding his anti-Semitism, racism, and Christian fascist leanings. However, since he was a immature prick, there were occasional slips which were quickly covered up, including quoting Hitler in a public forum.

The Wikipedia Years

Geoffy: Wholesome All-American boy, or burgeoning Christian spanker?


In May 2006, I registered under the username Geo.plrd which I used until June 2007. As Geo.plrd, I completely misunderstood the dynamics of WP, leading to myriad screwups.


—Geo, who seems to think false humility is endearing


Within my first few days of being here, I attempted to gain adminship and appointment to Medcom, positions that I was neither qualified or mature enough for. I also proposed several groups that were complex and convoluted for the purpose of monitoring admins.


—Geo, longtime USI sufferer


I was appointed Overseer of MOTD and served until the Community decided to abolish the position, a decision that I did not handle very well. To put it simply, I acted like a small child, which was completely unacceptable.


—Geo, who was a small child


I served as a Mediator for Medcab and after several screwups (including a case that went to Arbcom) we parted ways.


—Geo, whose USI interfered with his Wikipedia ass kissing


The thought of a new user having to defend themselves from allegations made by someone with experience scares me, and is unacceptable to me.


—Geo, who has trouble separating OTI from IRL

The Move to Conservapedia

In February 2007, I went to another wiki, Conservapedia. There I developed my "people skills" that had been sadly lacking and rapidly was promoted to Sysop, Siteadmin, and Checkuser as well as Senior Advisor. As a Sysop there, I experienced just how hard it is to manage a public wiki, and gained an appreciation of and respect for WP Administrators.


—Geoffy, who really means "Fuck you, I'm a sysop!"


"|What is going on here? I don't even." Love, Geo.

Geo.plrd, despite his USI and sycophantic worship of Andy Schlafly, never registered as more than a bug on the windshield of ED.

Until the day he turned up in IRC, wheeling and dealing and whining for the removal of his mugshot from the Conservapedia page. He doesn't mind wielding their banhammer, but he doesn't actually want his face associated the assemblage of right-wing nutballs Schlafly has collected.

In exchange for the removal of his picture, Geoff offered ED top secret mailing list archives and access to dossiers Conservapedia has been collecting on Rational Wiki editors and admins.

Talk to Geoff

Method Information Notes
Personal Email geo.plrd at I make an effort to respond to email within 6-8 hours.
CP Email geo.plrd at This is for messages regarding Conservapedia
AIM (IM) geoplrd I will answer IM messages if i am around.
Yahoo! IM geo.plrd See Above
MSN [email protected] See Above

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