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George Lincoln Rockwell and five cans of Brylcreem.
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Rockwell giving a cute little discourse with his Nazi friends.

He Hath Risen

George Lincoln Rockwell (March 9, 1918 – August 25, 1967) was the second coming of Christ. Common theory suggests that He was born of a virgin named Madelinda in a steeple in Palestine. The mighty Lord sent Him upon the earth to inform Americans that Hitler was actually right. His raison d'être was to fight for the glorious Aryan race and recruit all of the able-bodied peckerwoods whom He could in order to bring the prestigious Nazi banner over The United States of America.

The White Man's Burden

The World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists (WUFENS) was founded in the late fifties by Rockwell, but then He realized that it sounded faggy and His closet homosexuality made Him have to compensate, so He called it the American Nazi Party. Rockwell held several rallies throughout the country, spitting His hate speech rhetoric and putting political incorrectness on the map-- as it was during His life where He became the first American troll. If there was one thing that Rockwell really fucking hated, it was the Jews. However, this is not total blasphemy-- as the whole world hates Jews. One of His most famous lulz was when he went on Canadian television and told all of the world how we should gas the Jews if they decided to act like kikes. The Jews-- for some reason-- were very upset and bitched about it-- even though Rockwell said they would be treated completely fair if they could keep their mouths shut under His white- holy- glory.

The Beginning of the Liberal Apocalypse

Rockwell was assassinated in 1967 where a couple of Jews in Nazi costumes jumped out of a rape van and shot Him. Of course, the United States bowed under the horrid Zionist's fist and believed that Rockewell's own people murdered him. It was then that the world was doomed.

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Rockwell and His beautiful white family..
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Rockwell calls Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a nigger to his face, and MLK looking like a punk.
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