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Lj-favicon.png gerbilsage thinks he is the Messiah rather than just a very naughty boy.

Belief system

Gerbilsage is the closet creationist.

teh truf

Gerbilsage has recently received the dreaded ban from at least 100 communities under the auspices that he is a troll. Since this accusation has largely been made by furries, otherkin, and User:Daniels penis, we can assume that it is most likely false (given that none of the opinions of individuals within the aforementioned groups have shown the ability to reason). Gerbilsage is actually just lonely and can only interact with others through acting out. The 'true' cure to his deviant behaviour is simply more hugs. However, since he lives in Australia (read: backwoods bumfuck nowhere) no one is actually willing to go near him. His activity will likely continue unabated until LJ Abuse stops him or the prophet Zoroaster is reborn to combat him in an apocalyptic conflict.

He does not lead The LiveJournal Circle Jerk and he is not iwrotetherules.

He is well known to have IRL friends on LJ Abuse. [1]

Questionable Reincarnations

Lj-favicon.png blogavad-gita Lj-favicon.png vox-diabolica Lj-favicon.png ronronruu Lj-favicon.png ultio_deorum [2]

Gerbilsage, in his infinite wisdom, returned to LiveJournal after bannination. He disguised himself poorly as a user called Vox_Diabolica [3]. Unfortunately, he still doesn't know how to behave like an adult, and thus he has been suspended again. Never fear! This future Troll Hall of Fame member is fully expected to return to LiveJournal under a new name and expect everyone to believe he's someone completely different.

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