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"Get into the Loop" is a failed meme that originated from the video by YouTube Favicon.png LaLupusLady in which the YoungTuber, Jesari asks people to 'get into the loop'. Sadly the little pre-pubescent faggot is Wapanese, hence he cant do speaking good, so he inadvertently asks people to "Gedd inta thu loosp".


The message conveyed in the original video was intended to bring attention to the disease Lulpus (Aids 2.0), but instead Jesse's Fanboys came (literally) to the video to fap away, paying no attention to what comes out of his mouth, but rather fantasizing to what might go in it. Now in a desperate attempt to cover their asses, said pedophiles have had to look up Lulpus on Wikipedia and pretend to be interested, which is why the video has 3 comments and over 9000 views.

Teh Meme

Repeatedly saying "IM IN THE LOOP!" or "GET INTO THE LOOP!" at least 100 times is enough to annoy the Youtube Vigilantes and the YTU, which makes 3 hours of CopyPastaring worth it



From what one can gather from the video, Lulpus is a moar funny version of Aids, in which it too affects the immune system of sufferers, and probably leads to a hilarious painful death. The official name for it is Lupus, but for purposes of trolling, it are to be named LULPUS!!1

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