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Ghettoditto comes from the word ghetto meaning cheap or crappy and frienditto meaning to steal the private hopes and dreams of millions of LiveJournal users.

Due to the demise of frienditto, ghettoditto has become the quick and dirty way of saving private LiveJournal entries or entries which may later be deleted or edited by the original poster. This method can be used for any kind of webpage, not just journal entries. eBay auctions which may be pulled later, craigslist postings with inflammatory messages and all other means of web-based drama can be easily saved!

It is easy to ghettoditto. First, find a juicy post you would like to share with others, which may not last for eternity, or which they may not have access to due to friends lock. In your browser click 'File' and then 'Save Page As'. Name the new file anything you'd like, ex: 'tawneelynne_freaks_out.html or mediacrat_internet_check.htm. Make sure to save type as 'Web Page Complete'. This will allow you to download all the images and formatting associated with it. If you have trouble getting the page to display properly (like with wikis), Screencap and MS Paint can help preserve the lulz, for example this.

Once you've saved your little masterpiece, you have the option of editing it to remove your login name. For LiveJournal you may have to remove it from several places. This is where frienditto was very handy because it would remove all traces of the person who was doing the friends betrayal.

Then you'll need to upload the .html file and all associated files to a webhost. Of course we suggest dreamhost but there are plenty of others. Sign up for a geoshitties account if you are that scared of getting caught. Voila! You've betrayed a friends trust or saved an internet jewel from possible deletion, allowing all to enjoy it for generations to come.

The official ghettoditto site of ED is located at, if you have something that needs hosting, contact a sysop for help.

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