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The Giant Isopod Bathynomus giganteus is the physical embodiment of awesome. They are closely related to sow bugs, and live >9000 feet under the sea. Some time ago, a pic of these critters devouring their natural prey, the Dorito, was posted in a blog OL and an internets phenomenon was born.

Everyone <3 Isopod

The Doritopod pic was spammed all over blogs and forums, garnishing both amazement and disbelief, although many people thought they were looking at the remnants of the world's tackiest lobster dinner. Lusers made Giant Isopod fanart, t-shirts, and wrote YouTube Favicon.png songs dedicated to them, because the internet really doesn't have anything better to do.

Fun Facts

  • Giant Isopod, along with Axolotl and Fishing Cat, is one of the most common "what is this?" threads on /an/. You can troll them to no end with it.
  • Ikea Home Furnishings distributes a plush isopod in its children's department. It's name is "Klappar Skalbagge," which is Swedish for beetle.
  • Frito-Lay tried a fail marketing campaign for Doritos using a Giant Isopod character named PB (Pill Bug). They even made him into an xbawks game.
  • Some idiot put together an entire album of songs dedicated to the Giant Isopod and tried to get Doritos to sponsor him. His lulzy pitch letter to Frito-Lay can be found here, in which he somehow managed to misspell 'Doritos'.

I must add I am also a fan of Doritos, particularly the chilli heatwave ones. They're possibly the nicest crisps around.


—restlessboy, idiot.


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