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Gigaloader was a website that made the creating of lulz much easier by constantly loading the images of another webpage you didn't like. This fucking pwned the bandwidth of your most hated website to the point where the owner would be so overcome by the hosting fees, they would hopefully become an hero. Gigaloader was known to both hackers on steroids and website programmers. However, the Gigaloader site now says that it has been disabled. The domain is up for sale.

How it worked

  1. Anonymous declares war on a website
  2. Over 9,000 people post copypasta'd image lists to gigaloader
  3. Anonymous wins the internet
  4. Blacklisted!
  5. ??????
  6. Profit!

Other Shit

The website also had some other tools, like the proxychecker, which checked to see how anonymous your connection is if you're behind a proxy. This was useful if you enjoy wearing tinfoil hats. There was also a messageboard ( which was a great place to spam up when domains start getting blacklisted.


Due to PROJECT CHANOLOGY, has been gigaloaded OVER 9000 times and because of some crap about somebody called Andy or something, it's been blacklisted from being gigaloaded. Fags. It is believed that over 99% of newfags didn't use a proxy and will probably get raped by Xenu.

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