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Starring that Mexican with the large ass and that guy from Dazed and Confused, Gigli (pronounced ZHEE-lee) is a famous film. It received at least 100 positive reviews from critics and is today considered one of the greatest films of all time. It includes a monologue about the merits of pussy and the phrase "Gooble, Gobble... It's turkey time," referring to cunnilingus. Two thumbs up!

The film is #3 of the list of best movies ever, after Citizen Kane and X-Men 3. Additionally, it was widely recognized for preventing 9-11, inspiring the glamorous career of Mediacrat, and generally satisfying the starving cunts of Hollywood drama whores everywhere. It contains a rare scene where a drugged-out looking Brad Renfro prophecies under the stars, who then begin to sing that song from American Tail, which totally explains why this is such an amazing film.

If you do not have this film in your netflix queue, fucking God will probably knead your testes/labia into pizza dough.

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