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Ginny McQueen:

Mastodon handle: aka Drama queen of the fediverse. Website:

That person is known for creating mastodon federation wide drama over false accusations, word twisting, or plain blank attacks and harassment by her followers and moderator friends ( Noelle from and mastodon Community Manager Maloki ). She also tries to play victim everytime she can and will block any attempt for a rationalized chat.

Her ultimate goal is to make money out of the drama she generates, by pretending to 'defend' others and asking for donations ( or asking via another account on her behalf to be less obvious ), or just increasing the view of her website.

She tries to gain more followers that will advertise her patreon/website, so that more people will donate to her and she can continue to live like the lazy ass she is. She tries to make herself seen as a social justice warrior, tricking her followers by attacking random people that will maximize her reach, making her followers believe she is 'defending' them.

When drama does not work, she also sells nudes ( or pretend to, nobody ever saw any ), or ask for donations because she has 'medical conditions'.