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Did You Know: that P.A.L.B. stands for Passive Aggressive Little Bitch?

Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
It's his best OC drawing ever, he said to himself. Meet Marisa Pussigal, a gassy kawaii neko girl.

girlfartlover, real name Kris, born in April 2nd, is possibly the crowned king of all female fart fetishes in a throne room somewhere in DeviantART. Like all terrible cringed artists with sick fetishes in mind, girlfartlover is even more terrible. He writes fan fictions of you guessed it. Fictional female characters farting. Only a few drawings are posted due to the drawing skills of a elementary special ed student while he gets a raging hard-on for being obsessed with girl butt stink nonstop. His other obsessions are getting fat by stuffing his face with too much pizza and Mountain. Dew, while jacking off to fart porn. He sometimes likes to hang out in 4chan's /d/ boards to spam images of lolis farting and sometimes lolis in diapers. When being criticized by Anonymous for spamming shit that came from DeviantART, he becomes a passive aggressive little bitch, or PALB for short.

Fart Fiction Samples

tl;dr, the main character suddenly lets out an enormous fart and the other characters had to hear it and smell it.

My Little Gassy: Fartershy's Dilemma

Ponyville; a small bustling town filled with technicolor ponies that all seem to be filled with energy. From the over towering Town Hall to the edge of the Everfree forest, nothing seems to become usually inert in this town.

Right outside town, there's a small cottage that overlooks the dark and eerie forest. Near the edge of the clearing some fast and hard galloping noises can be heard as well as high pitched squealing that seems to be getting slightly softer as the being approaches the clearing. The being escaped the forest almost in a blur. While racing through the clearing, a fairly average sized double pailed basket suctioned itself to her back. The containers were filled with a weird color hay and other assorted food objects the character had obtained. Her hoof caught a rock, causing her to trip over and fall. Her basket flung off of her back onto the ground in front of her. As the being slowly got up, her pink hair settled in front of her face. She spread her wings to hopefully flap the dirt and dust off of em, and she used her hoofs to get the smudges of dirt off of her yellow fur.

This pony's name was Fluttershy, a very timid Pegasus who has a passion of taking care of the animals that surround her. In fact she's so good at what she does she is able to talk to them with ease. The cutie mark on her rear is three pink butterflies, reiterating that she's great with animals. She was assisting her bunny friend Angel by collecting some exotic plant life for a recipe. And since the shy pony doesn't have a vertebrae against her own pet bunny, she was forced out of her house until the ingredients were collected. Along her scavenger hunt, she came across this fairly small bail of oddly rainbow colored hay. It caught her eye, not to mention her curiosity was piqued as to how it might taste. She decided that she would contemplate this later once she got back. So with her now half filled basket of hay, she continued on her search for the ingredients. Suddenly, from the inner depths of the forest came a loud roar that shook the trees around them. The sound wave of the roar literally punched the poor defenseless Pegasus, causing her to shiver so hard that it could place high on the Richter Scale. Engulfed with an endowment of fear, Fluttershy inhaled as much air as she could to release......a small shrill squeal that caused a small awkward silence. However what wasn't timid was her immediate escape, she galloped as fast as she could, completely forgetting that she had wings and could have easily flown above the trees. And then we come to present time, where the Pegasus pony had already finished gathering her ingredients, all somehow safe and sound. With her baskets in hoof, or rather on back, she went over to her cottage in hopes that her bunny had unlocked it since she left. To her contentment, he had done so. Fluttershy opened her door slowly to reveal her small bunny rabbit friend of hers glaring at her and stamping his foot extremely quickly.

"Oh!" Fluttershy stated when she saw the rabbit look up at her, "Oh Angel bunny. I'm glad you waited all this time for me. You must be starving. Well, have no fear because I brought you the ingredients you wanted. Just like you asked for." She smiled and a little adorable 'squee' resounded from her. Angel promptly took the basket with his ingredients in it and proceeded to cook up his "magnum opus" meal, carrot salad. Fluttershy on the other hand took her other basket over to the other countertop and arranged the contents; Some golden leaves, a couple apples and the aforementioned rainbow hay. She clapped her hooves together and headed on starting making her meal.

After some time passed Angel and Fluttershy were around the table, or rather Angel was pampered into a very high caliber booster seat with it's own table somehow, to place the salad he made. Fluttershy on the other hand, or rather other hoof, was pretty satisfied with the meal she made; a leaf n' hay sandwich with a side of water.
"Oh wow," she said to herself very softly, "Fluttershy, you've definitely outdone yourself. Ooh, I can't wait for you to reach my tummy." She looked down at the sandwich, took a succulent bite of it, and immediately her eyes glowing with self-accomplishment and mouth wide with a sincere smile.
"Oh wow!" she exclaimed while flapping her wings and soaring through her kitchen area in excitement, "I've never tasted anything so delightful. So delectable! So.....DELICIOUS!!"
Fluttershy then scarfed down the rest of the sandwich in about a minute.
"Oh my...." replied a shocked Fluttershy, "Pardon me Angel...that was so rude of me." Meanwhile the bunny is taking a nap a couple rooms away from where the timid Pegasus was currently at. She chuckled slightly anyway, probably because that small belch of hers sounded a bit funny to her. Nevertheless, she cleaned up her area and headed over to where Angel slept. She looked down at the little devi- I mean piece of her little heaven and smiled.
"N'aaaaawww," she cooed, "Look at you. So cute when you're asle-uuuurrrgggllllrgggglleee!"
Fluttershy shot upright, startled by the gurgling noise. She even squeaked as she hid behind the nearest tangible object in the room, which so happened to be Angel's bed.
"W-W-Who's th-th-there...??!" Fluttershy stammered, "P-P-P-Please don't hurt me..."
The shy pony squeaked again in reaction to the noise again, however this time she noticed and felt her belly vibrate and bubble almost violently. The loud gurgling caused the pet bunny to wake up. He stretched his stubby arms and turned his head around to be greeted to the full flank of his owner. Fluttershy on the other hand placed her hooves on her gurgling belly, feeling it's gassy contents surge and bounce around. Although...
"Oh my. I didn't realize I was so hungry..." Fluttershy muttered to herself, unaware of Angel's presence on her rear. Her stomach on the other hand gads a different idea in mind. In less than 5 seconds Angel, who's face was still behind Fluttershy's rump, received a fairly weak gust of wind that smothered his face with one of the most vile smells he's ever smelt. His eyes watered greatly and he was flailing his arms around as he squeaked and squeaked of try to get Fluttershy's attention. Fortunately, she heard him and saw that he looked like he had seen a ghost. She also noticed that a foul odor emanated from his fur. She gasped in shock.
"Oh Angel! Did you eat too many onions? You're crying! also seem to smell like them too." She cringed slightly as the smell was caught her muzzle. Angel's eyes still watered however his expression was less than pleasing. He then pointed at the pony's rumbling belly, implying it was her that made the horrible stench. Fluttershy gasped at that remark.
"Oh Angel! How could you say that?" She said with a note of anger in her voice...although her voice volume still seemed to stay the same, "I would never do something as rude as that...especially in front of others. My tummy would never allow for that to happen, right tummy?" She looked down at her belly, still subtly gurgling and churning up a storm in there unbeknownst to the Pegasus.
"See?" She gave Angel a stern look as the rabbit pounced off outside to hopefully air out his face.  Fluttershy then pondered a bit. Why would Angel just that and blame it on her? She knows it's not like him to do that. She thought once again that maybe it was-
"No!" she shouted at nobody in particular, "It's not possible!...there's no way I'd be able to do that." She then walked out of her cottage.
"Maybe I just need to take my mind off this. Maybe I'll go see the squirrels and help them out with their nuts." As she walked along to the back of her cottage, her body seemed to be doing it's own thing. Her belly still vibrated and gurgled under the Pegasus' radar and it's back door unblocked. There was only one thing left now.
What sounded like a low concentrated stream of breath resulted in a foul, soft, yet contagious burst of air that seemed to only tickle the Pegasus. However, the smell spread quickly over the perimeter of Fluttershy's cottage and quickly entered her nose. She gasped once again, this time trying to hold her nose with her hoof.
"Angel Bunny!...Was that you again?!" To her surprise he hadn't heard her, mainly because he wasn't near the cottage and out to the Everfree again. Usually around this point Fluttershy would be worried about her animal friend and take off after him, if not for the fact that Angel's 'words' had finally sunken into the timid pony's head; it was her making those odors. The animals around her were in a panic; the birds were climbing higher amongst trees, the other bunnies and squirrels started to run away from the smell, even one of the bears started to make a run for it. But what really struck Fluttershy was when she saw the skunks have pins around their noses as they fled. Fluttershy was nearly about to burst into tears when suddenly a large sharp pain in her gut kept her from crying.
"Ugh...t-this pain....I-It hurts..."
She clutched her stomach, subsequently, falling frontwards with her flank in the air. Fluttershy knew what she had to do, and the thought of that caused her face to flush reddish-pink.
"'s going to be so loud...I know it is.. OOOOOOH....oh..umm...oh..okay...y-you can do this Fluttershy...f-for all your animal friends...and Angel!"
She put pressure on her already roaring stomach and she felt all the pressure race down to her rear end. She knew what was coming and she closed her eyes, a couple of tears rolling down her face, and then bit her lower lip to prepare for her biggest release.
"Oooh! Here it comes!"
A wave of euphoria washed over the Pegasus as she felt better with that fart of hers. She was too relaxed and exhausted to move and didn't care what the fart smelled like. She felt better and decided to wait until the smell dissipated to move, which happened rather quickly. The animals slowly started to come back, feeling ashamed of leaving Fluttershy in the wake of the foul odor...even if it were for only 3 minutes. Fluttershy looked up to see all of her animal friends gathered around her, smiling and hoping that she would forgive them. The pony in turn smiled and gave all of them a big bear hug, although Fluttershy was sure he'd return. But it didn't bother her too much.
"Oh...I'm so sorry you guys," she apologized, "I didn't realize it was me making those...horrible smells. However now I'll be more aware of them as they come by! Now how about we all have some dinner? It's getting a little late now. Come on let's go." And so she headed back inside the cottage, heading to prepare food for all her little friends.


Darkness shrouded the Everfree forest as a grey-ish bear was lurking around, trying to find the exit. He kept walking along until he saw a white-ish light coming from the distance. He approached it until he got close enough so he could see what it was. What gazed upon his eyes was a bail of rainbow colored hay, shining in the darkness. This caught the bear's attention, and appetite, as his mouth watered intensely. However behind him was someone who he'd wish wasn't awestruck behind him as he ate. A white bunny rabbit with his face faintly smelling of onions.

What The Hell Did I Just See? A Kirby Story

Author's Note: I'm trying something a bit new with this story. This story is sort of a parody of creepypasta as well as my first attempt two "blend" two different literature "styles" together However, in and of itself it might seem like a typical bad video game creepypasta. I hope you do enjoy it for what it's worth.

Marisa Pussigal ran hurriedly up the stairs of her home into her bedroom. As soon as she slammed the door behind her, she exhaled deeply. The heavily panting neko practically limped over to her computer, already turned on, and opened up a notepad page. She titled it, "What the hell did I just see? A Story about Kirby". Marisa cracked her knuckles as her stomach gurgled faintly. She felt like she had a masterpiece brewing in her mind and she felt like the world NEEDED to know what she felt like right NOW! So then she started typing down what she would consider to be the best horror video game story she ever wrote...ironically so.


My name is Marisa Pussigal. My last name is pronounced Puhsseeguhl and not pussy-gal so don't get it wrong. Anyway I came home from school on a day that seemed to be perfect in every way, it was very sunny out and the flowers bloomed and my friend Kris decided to take me over to Gamestop to get a game I've wanted. Now see Kris is a huge fan of Kirby and I'm a pretty decent fan myself, so when Kris, my friend who likes Kirby, saw that the new Kirby game was out he, and I quote, 'LITERALLY SHRIEKED' when he figured out that he didn't have much money to purchase the game. I was totally indifferent to this so I decided to make him feel better by buying him a copy of Kirby's Epic Yarn for the Nintendo Wii. I considered buying him Kirby Air Ride for the Nintendo GameCube or Kirby Mass Attack for the Nintendo DS or even possibly Kirby Return to Dream Land for the Nintendo Wii. But I digress. We bought the game and headed home.


Marisa paused for a moment as her stomach's growling seemed to grow a bit more intensely. She assumed it was just a little bit too much gas and since she thought nobody else was home she sighed of relief, mainly because she wouldn't have to deal with her friend's complaining about her farts. So she leaned to the side, putting all her weight on her left butt cheek. What followed was a steamy stream of gas that gradually morphed in sound from airy to wet by the sound of her subtly flapping butt cheeks. It lasted only for about 10 seconds and ended with a sort of FLARP!! at the end of it. Out of curiosity, she wafted the air around her towards her nose to see how her butt blast smelled like. Actually to her surprise, it stunk MUCH worse than she thought it would be. She coughed quite a bit as her farts usually didn't stink that much nor did it usually make her cringe like she was doing at the moment. After a while she got over the stench and looked back at the computer screen.

"Well...this isn't enough," she said to herself, "I need to cram more into this thing..."


Once I headed, home with my brother I immediately put the game into my Nintendo Wii home console that I bought 4 years ago and bought it new as well. I started up the game and Kris decided to want to play the game with me, seeing as it's a two player game and it seemed cutesy and fun. However, once I looked at the title screen, all fun immediately left me. Out of fear, I let out a cute poot while Kris basically nodded his head while looking at me. I mean come on, he should have looked at the title screen and it would have scared him too. The original screen had light piano music and an adorable yarn Kirby off to the side, to my knowledge that is. Although in this version, the piano music seemed distorted, all the pink was replaced with hyper realistic blood-red and all the light blue and other light colors turned a hellish dark. Near the bottom where the copyright was didn't say Nintendo, but instead said "The Devil" copyright 666. I screamed and ran away from the game. I was so filled with fear that I didn't even look back when I ran up the stairs to my room. I was panting real heavily as I shut the door behind me. The images of a adorably demonic yarn Kirby plagued my mind. I left my friend down there...I don't think he will make it out of there. Those images are too scarring to forget that easily. However, I now will warn you, NEVER BUY that game that may look innocent, because behind it's adorable and innocent cover, is a demonic hell spawn that not even satan himself would replay just because it was that scary.


Marisa leaned back as she saved the notepad page file before a knock was heard on her door. It opened to a very irritated Kris staring at the neko girl.

"Uh...K-Kris?" Marisa asked in shock, "I-Is that you? I thought that game would have killed you!!"

"Marisa...," Kris started out, "First of all, you bought a bootlegged copy of the game. Second of all, it wasn't scary, it was stupid. I mean 'copyright The Devil 666'? That's just cliché, not scary. Third, why didn't you just take the game out? And you know what? That's exactly what I did, I took the game out and threw it out on the streets. It probably broke and you don't have to worry about being scared by a bootlegged hack of Kirby's Epic Yarn. You've got nothing to fear okay?"

He looked over at Marisa with a look that seemed to express concern and aggravation. Marisa sheepishly shrugged at Kris' remark then sighed.

"Uh.." she started, "I'm sorry.....maybe I got carried away.......heh..heh.."

She rubbed the back of her neck in embarrassment and her stomach growled again. She felt it but she didn't let Kris know about it. Instead what she did do was get up from her chair and slowly walk up to Kris with her arms held together behind her butt, much like a little girl getting put in the corner.

"Sorry Kris..." She said in a very young girl-type voice, "I got a little carried away...much like-" she immediately pounced on him and turned around while he was pinned down. She looked like she was going to relieve herself and, in a way, she planned on doing so. A powerful hissing noise resounded around Kris and the smell actually became worse. The inu struggled as he wasn't used to bad gas from Marisa, or at least gas this badly. He thought to himself, 'This is going to be a long night...'

His Reaction To This Site

Feeling mopey after he finds out he's on ED for being deadly obsessed with loli farts.

While girlfartlover is posting a shitload of lolis farting on /d/, he suddenly found out his article here existed. Not only he acted like a passive aggressive little bitch but a mopey passive aggressive little bitch. He went to his DeviantArt page and mope on his journal about his fame for his furry fart lovers to read and white knight.

Well....I figured it would happen but not in the way I thought it to be. Some of the stuff on there isn't even accurate but it was interesting that people look at me a certain way and sometimes skew the knowledge that they've obtained...and sometimes I browse 4chan just posting random stuff and then people accuse me of being a pedophile. I'm not necessarily mad that this happen but honored that people would even go out of their way to show me in such an...interesting light.

If you want to check it out for yourself search my name on there I guess. It looks like DeviantART won't let me really post it. It's not much and honestly, being on Encyclopedia Dramatica doesn't really phase me that much.


—girlfartlover moping about his fame here at Encyclopedia Dramatica.


I make female fart fetish lit and female fart fanfics and, on rare occasion, pics. If it is not to your liking, you don't have to continue reading.


—The introduction of a fart fiction writer.

Loli is best; Fuck you!


—Watch out you guys, we got a pedo ass over here.

Thank you anon. I'm glad that you think I suck. I don't post anything meaningful in these threads and all I do is cause ruckus. I should just be banned from these and everyone will be happy.


—A sample of girlfartlover being a passive aggressive little bitch after getting told straight by Anonymous he sucks.

What? I wasn't being passive aggressive. I'm not clever enough to think that way.


—It's called a behavior, girlfartlover, not a strategy.

Anonymous: Do you always get a boner for loli farts?

girlfartlover: It helps. I love cute things afterall.


—No comment.

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