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R. Giskard Reventlov, about to deliver some sweet lovin'

Giskard (sometimes Giskarduk) is, or perhaps was a modder for Elder Scrolls games. Due to a severe case of USI, he has been banned from Nexus, Bethesda's Forums, and pretty much every other modding community due to the excessive drama his mental illness brings to the community. As such, he had to found his own little hugbox called The Engineering Guild (TEG).

A long history of fail

Despite modding for a living, Giskard has a complete failure of understanding of how the games he mods actually work, or how to correctly use modding tools. Any attempts to correct this misconceptions on his part have been met with insane levels of rage. This eventually led not only to him being banned from Nexusmods, it led to all discussion of his mods being banned.

Giskard loudly flounced (not for the first time) after his mods were leaked on Reddit.

That didn't end well.

Some of you are still deluding your self in to believing a majority of TES fans are good, they are not, a majority of TES fans I see are thieving trollish scumbags. If there are any good ones amongst them, they are hidding silently in a corner letting thieves run their communities and drive away their best modders.


The war vs Reddit

/r/modpiracy/ is a Subreddit that formed as a heroic response to Bethesda's move to monetize modding. Once Bethesda realized that was an insanely stupid idea, the Subreddit members made it their duty to preserve and share mods that authors have yanked after being banned or just because they were throwing a tantrum in general. Giskard was a primo target. Once the call went out, it didn't take long for people to share all of his Elder Scrolls mods.

Giskard's measured and rational response was to try to have Reddit shut down. and posted my ip and one of my friends openly on his site The Scout

Moderators where informed and clearly chose to ignore it. So i have personally sent a message to the Reddit admins. If they chose not to act, I will be contacting the Singapore police.

While I wait for them to make a decision, I'll be doing my own research in how best to proceed.

Singapore is where Reddit is registered and they have laws against this sort of thing. So I am going to start with that.


—Giskard, who doesn't understand how police jurisdiction works

Reddit had banned all those who reported the illegal activity and left the thieves to keep on planning the theft. The ring leaders where Scout, Renegade and DarkLord.


—Giskard, Who doesn't understand this clearly is a stupid sentiment. The Scout.

I have been made police chief of all Singapore and I have dispatched many detectives to arrest all of you. Every time someone says something that I don't like, they are trolling. And trolling is illegal as well.

I have also found out that my name has been registered on many gay pornography sites from 1999 to 2015 by members of Reddit, and that you have also stolen my credit cards over the years and used them to pay for membership to these sites. You make me sick.


—Giskard, who doesn't know when to quit.

What the fuss is all about


Recently, there has been a lot of turmoil concerning the collective works of Giskard. They have been pulled, put back up, he is leaving and turning over control to his team, no they can't have them, etc. etc. the recent problems.

So here is the solution.....the files will no longer be hosted here in any way, shape or form, no pointer pages will be allowed either.

No matter what actions the admin/moderators and staff have taken to accommodate him it has not met the standards of Giskard himself. He demands total control of his works, and in an effort to meet these needs and demands they will be deleted shortly and may not be re-uploaded to the Nexus by anyone....not even Giskard may upload them.

I had been in contact with his team leader prior to his re-uploading his works here....this was with his blessing, and after his announcement that he was leaving the community and turning control of his works to his team; I transfered ownership of his collective works to the team leader under a restricted account.

Further since there have been threats of legal action and other unpleasantness, his account Giskard44 has been banned as a duplicate account (not allowed under forum/site rules) and his account Giskarduk now has restricted posting. He has caused enough turmoil here, so he can now take his issues elsewhere.

Do not start a thread or make any more comments about Giskard and how he was treated have no idea what has transpired behind the scenes.

The drama ends.



— Buddah of Nexusmods, calling it all wrong


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