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Information icon.png this isn't even an article

That is a copy of a censored article regarding Linux community stealing stuff and censoring free speech at github and reddit.

How Linux Community Steals Proprietary Assets

Open source community, being socialist-minded, is known to react dismissively at cases of copyright infringement. FOSS people were going as far as calling me "asshole", "mentally derranged" and "troll" for bringing up these issues. I even got banned from, r/linux, and, for bringing up the subject of OGA distributing stolen assets and linking to this text. Linux users even convinced communities that advertise themselves supporting originality and fighting piracy, like r/SFXLibraries, to ban me under irrelevant made up pretenses (i.e. he had sex with dog), in effect exposing their hypocrisy. The greatest achievement of Linux community was somehow convicing admins to permanently suspend my account, without any warning, other users usually get.

Then Linux fanatics began false-flagging my own repositories, lying to github support that I've infringed copyright and ending up fooling github to block yet at the same time github refuses to remove actual infringing repositories. Guess after that Linux doesn't suck anymore and video game developers will suddenly start publishing games for Linux, instead of Windows, Nintendo, Playstation and XBox, because Linux people have proven themselves respecting intellectual property that much. But wait! The funniest part is that these enraged Linux people, reported me for the sounds I forked from Battle of Wesnoth (wolf hurt, wolf die, etc), claiming they represent animal abuse. So now we have solid proof that Wesnoth developers are real animal abusers!

And Battle for Wesnoth communists even failed to ban me properly, giving nonsense reason for my ban "Reason given for ban: User is unable to take part in reasonable, constructive dialogue." I haven't entered into any "dialogue" with them, I've just posted a link to the earlier version of this text in a separate thread at and closed the browser tab. The next time I returned to check if they had anything to say in their defense, I found myself banned and the thread with the link deleted. Guess these communists actually have something to hide.

OpenGameArt community banned me outright for creating a collection, listing art with license issues. MegaGlest developers were really dismissive, replying to me "not worth discussing. go fish elsewhere". WarZone 2010 developers claimed that it is Sound Ideas, who actually stolen their sound and not the other way around, replying "I think your story is lame NikitaSadkov check your facts and bring evidence that the sound you claim was made before 1999".

Here is a proof of Linux people harrasing and reporting me: - -

And due to Linux commies demanding my ban, Github has censored my repositories:

   Hi Nikita,
   Thanks for writing in. Your repositories were set to require a login to view following
   multiple reports from users concerned about their contents. This was done as an
   alternative to hiding or disabling the content entirely.
   GitHub Support

That is how these free speech hating communists censor dissent opinion, using phony reasons. Communism never changes.

Here are a few quotes of typical open source advocates, regarding art theft:

   I don't care about copyright in general. I think it's a really backwards system
   that hinders innovation. Next time you ask a question I'll be a little less upfront
   about my answers because I don't want to get punished again. People are so uptight...
   No wonder there's so few resources available to the community, nobody shares and
   everybody is like "mine mine mine!!111!!!" If a copyright was written in a vague
   fashion then it means I can interpret it in a vague fashion as well. It's kind of
   funny when people release everything online, and then are like "no you can't use
   this!" It's ridiculous. 
   -- OGA user, section31, demonstrates typical Linux attitude towards copyright

   This is foolish; these do not have licensing issues. Can you please delete your account?
     -- Dismissive opinion of OGA's moderator, about them hosting stolen art
        such as Universal's Frankenstein and Warwind characters.
   what the hell is up with your persecution of everyone and anyone to begin with?
   You're not a mod at all, in fact, you've barely been around.
     -- A response of his angry friend.
   if you make such statements, you will have properly document your claims. so far you
   have only made a claim that a sound file we distribute with Megaglest sounds similar
   to a sound file you found posted on some website, tagged with the name of an old
   proprietary game, that's not worth discussing. go fish elsewhere
         -- dismissive response of MegaGlest developer,
            at their official IRC channel freenode/#megaglest
   «looking at their FFT output» is a way too vague to be any proof at all.
   FFT is transformation which operates on some fixed-sized window. How many
   windows did you analyze? What were equality criteria? How did you estimate
   error? Did you estimate errors introduced by using psychoacoustic model of
   ogg/vorbis? How did you include complex phase part of FFT coefficients in
   your research? How did you combine coefficients timeline of resulting FFT
   windows? What window function did you use?
       -- another dismissive response of a linux developer, Vladimir Menshakov,
          he appears believing that OGG compression gives him right over recording

   let's be realistic, that 500x100px-ish coloured pixelated representation is
   not anything accurate at all. This gave you a bit of 40Hz steps with 0.1% of
   original sound dynamic range for 16-bit data. It's not even near for anything
   meaninful except broad suggestion, like "we have more energy in this band", OK
   My point is that you have to have a bit more solid proof to make such
       -- Linux developer implies that resizing stolen deviantart photo to 500x100
          will give you copyright over it

   Going back and reading your post history tells me you're mentally handicapped
   and probably can't help how stupid you are... Also, it's not theft, the creators
   of the assets you're talking about still have the assets. Nothing was removed
   from their ownership, just copied.
         -- gweny404 (
   I for one am not bothered by this. Hopefully they can do minor alterations to
   those sounds, claim them as their own, and show the middle finger to copyright trolls :)
         -- Linux developer explains how to hide theft
   With someone like OP on your side, you don't even need an opponent to lose a debate
   on whether it's okay to steal proprietary assets for an open source product.
         -- "we dislike him, so we can rob him" the kind of argument
   I've often seen amateur/indie game that use ressources coming from proprietary games,
   especially SFX (for instance, i've seen the jump sound of Sonic or Mario in many amateur games). 
         -- Linux apologist defends the stealing of proprietary assets going "others did it too!" way
   Nikita Sadkov is a mental disorder person and he is in dire need of qualified
   medical care and sympathy And yes, he is a MOM`s TROLL kek
   All of these personality elements are present in people who have Borderline Personality Disorder.
   I have known many people with this personality and if for no other reason I suggest you educate
   yourself to make sure it's NOT what you have.
         -- like above, linuxoid plays psychiatrist, instead of addressing the issue of asset theft
   what a piece of shit
         -- this Linux user prefers minimalistic personal attacks

That is the "warm welcome" a newbie, like me, gets from Linux community, when he decides to contribute by pointing issues with free software projects.

And Linux community doesn't limit itself to stealing just sprites and sounds - they also steal source code, by illegally copying snippets from decompiler into their GPLv3 licensed projects. Take OpenXcom development forum for example:

   functions of time of day changing
   __usercall [email protected]<eax>(int [email protected]<ecx>, signed __int16 [email protected]<si>
   goto LABEL_13
   HIBYTE(v5) = HIBYTE(word_E3594);

Totally not IDA Pro at all! That is how they develop open source software: pass Photoshop through disassembler, recompile and you get GIMP.

And still I have collected a few facts of illegal appropriation of intellectual property by FOSS community. Whistleblowers are welcome! If you know something ugly regarding any free software project, be it asset theft or just rude behavior, please inform me anonymously at [email protected] and I promise to make everyone aware of their misdeeds. Fiat justitia ruat caelum!

Open source developers rarely check the source of the assets. For example: - Several open source games (like ZeroK-RTS) appear to be using sounds from which is full of illegal content, like the sounds taken from Sound Ideas (, Godzilla movies ( or Warcraft 2 ( - would be another example of "free" sounds from dubious origins, which open source developers so love to use. For example, has sound stolen from Diablo 2 (actually Blizzard logo itself!), which uploader claims to have produced himself "I made it myself ... I made something decient for once" ( ), and using it unknowingly could obviously lead you if not sued, then your video pulled out of youtube (due to content-id), or game from distribution.

Of course not every sound is stolen, some are obviously produced by its users, due to their amateur recording and cheesy voice acting, but if you see there some awesome high quality sound with some effort put into it, then it is most likely stolen.

- hosts a lot of non-free content. There are assets clearly derived or stolen from non-free shows, as well as art illegally re-licensed from non-free licenses.

 - - stolen X-Wing ship from Star Wars.
 - - stolen character by Sami Eklund from ( and )
 - XBox 360 controller stock art image, that obviously wasn't created by the author, tgfcoder, whose art is a way below it. That stock art can be found all around Internet with dates years before tgfcoder coder's upload:
 - - the alien character out of the movie Predator.
 - - steals sound from Sound Ideas 6000 Series; for example cartoon_fall.ogg can be found on CD10, track 83, "comedy. accent slide whistle down". Other user, "undesired", warned them, but they keep stealing. Same goes for Monster RPG2, from which these sounds were taken. AFAIK, that user "undesired" got banned for "trolling" due to reporting issues such as this one. Undesired even describes himself as "A "troll" who makes a "pointless" arena FPS game while pointing out copyright encumberances no one wants to believe" - that is how open source community treats people, by insulting them and their work.
 - released under public domain stolen picture of Andromeda Galaxy from which is "Credit & Copyright: Jason Ware". Jason's images are not free, he sells them for money:
 - - mostly stolen assets from Sound Ideas, for example heli.wav is actually track 35 from CD19 of Sound Ideas General Series 6000 library, "helicopter twin huey - exterior - hovering".
 - - a well known stock pig sound, which that user, VWolfdog, haven't produced himself. It comes from royalty free archive, whose license explicitly states "You cannot sell, license or redistribute our stock files". VWolfdog had no right to relicense their sfx under GPL2.
 - (Spark.wav actually comes from Sound Ideas 6000 library -,_ELECTRICITY,_SPARK_-_HIGH_VOLTAGE_SPARK,_ELECTRICAL_12 - i.e. it cannot be licensed public domain)
 - (stolen clipart
 - (stolen from
 - (stolen from or
 - (no idea where stone texture came from but, salt flats texture was stolen from
 - - characters from WarWind game. Author claims he made them from scratch, but they are still based of a very stylized characters. It is like drawing Spiderman or Mickey Mouse - okay as a personal fanart, but nothing more.
 - (Dana Scully character from X-Files)
 - without credit uses crown icon which is Creative Commons Attribution, so cant be used as public domain. Then we find that steals vectors from commercial sources:!/ so this crown vector is not free at all.
 - - author, bellow, says "It has everything what you see at the video  (not sounds)", yet archive that author uploaded does include sounds under ggj.gameproj/sounds. It is doubtful author produced them himself, because they include a lot of field recordings and sound design know-how, so they probably came from some archive, which disallows such sharing.
 - - sounds from from DungeonHack, which has licensing issues, see below
 - - sounds from from DungeonHack, which has licensing issues, see below
 - - sounds from from DungeonHack, which has licensing issues, see below

- Other content at has potential license issues. For example

 - - a character that is clearly based of Sonic The Hedgehog sprite.
 - - Frankenstein character, owned by Universal, which is known to sue people for using it: "According to a recent report from a book publisher, Universal is currently clamping down on any monster that has all of the following elements: Green Skin, Flat Top Head, Scar on Forehead, Bolts on the Neck, Protruding Forehead."
 - CC-BY sfx foom_0.wav ( ) was later re-uploaded by another user, who relicensed it under public domain, as part of larger collection of dubious origin ( )
 - - relicenses under public domain CC-BY sounds from
 - uses art from, without crediting original author, mauriku.
 - author say "only for non-commercia", yet he picked CC-BY 3.0 license, that allows commercial use.
 - - a guitar chord from Looney Tunes, which is owned by Warner Bros.

- Similar story with For example:

 - - stolen from Sound Ideas Series 6000 General - CD39, track 24, "space. door space ship door 1". Actually, well known Doom and Descent door sounds also come from that CD, track 26.
 - - even tags say "Sound Ideas Series 1000 General - Electricity 1011_35_1, All Sound Effects & Music are Copyright Sound Ideas - All Rights Reserved". So it obviously cannot be licensed into public domain.
 - - again sounds stolen from Sound Ideas 6000. For example that door sound can be found on CD39, track 24 "space. door space ship door 1"
 - - easily recognizable camel sound (also used in Hexen for Ettins and Centaurs), which actually comes from Sound Ideas Series 6000 General - CD3 - 38 - "camel low calls. animal". Works based on Sound Ideas assets cannot be released under CC-BY 3.0 license.
 - is licensed under CC-BY, but uses sample licensed CC-BY-NC (noncommercial use only), some users appear to be using it in commercial settings, so author could freely go after them, pulling down their videos and games. Yay?!
 - is licensed under CC-BY, but uses CC-BY-NC (noncommercial use only) ship bell sound Earlier that bell sound was licensed under Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License, but since then author, acclivity, has changed its license. So using this and many other sounds from could liead to unpredictable results, because authors frequently change licenses.

- Battle for Wesnoth ( many sound files came from dubious sources, which isn't even mentioned at all, these files are just relicensed under GPL2. For example, magic-dark.ogg appears to be based of zap effect from CD39 of Sound Ideas 6000, while horse-canter.wav came from ( ). That site outright lied, saying "to the best of our knowledge, all wave, midi, and audio files presented here are in the public domain and are available for use without restriction", because it knowingly distributed a lot of copyright infringing audio files, such as Godzilla and Star Trek samples ( ). Also, wanderer.ogg 3:00 into the song includes a shameless variation on Betrayal at Krondor main theme ( ). Wesnoth case requires further research and help of experienced audio engineers to uncover the real sources of its sounds.

- Freeciv ( ) most of its sounds came from Warzone 2010, which took sounds from Sound Ideas General 6000 series.

- Seven Kingdoms ( ) says that "Seven Kingdoms Ancient Adversaries was open sourced under the GPL in 2009. This includes the game source code, graphics, sounds, but not the music", yet game sounds obviously came from non-free audio libraries, I immediately recognize several samples, that were also used in Warcraft 2 (PE_A3.wav is the same as Spell.wav in Warcraft 2), Magic Carpet and Dungeon Keeper, which took most samples from Sound Ideas 6000.

- Widelands ( steals sounds from Sound Ideas 6000. For example, horse_00.ogg can be found on CD3, 65 - "horse interior - whinny. animal", second track there.

- Glest/MegaGlest steals sounds from Warcraft 2. For example, see

 - WARTPISD.wav -
 - Pig.wav -

- ClanBomber ( "explode.wav" is probably based of "kaboom1.aud" from Command & Conquer Read Alert, with the playback speed changed and high frequencies filtered to hide the fact of theft. On the other hand, it is possible to produce similarly sfx by shaping white noise, so further research is needed.

- Scorched 3D ( steals from Sound Ideas, for example "apache_1.wav" is actually "helicopter twin huey - exterior - approach. land. idle" from Sound Ideas General Series 6000, CD19. Other sounds are of similarly dubious origin.

- LinCity-NG ( sounds of dubious origin. For example, "OrganicFarm1.wav" comes from royalty free archive, whose license explicitly states "You cannot sell, license or redistribute our stock files". I.e. they had no right to relicense this sfx under GPL2.

- Warzone 2010 steals sounds from Sound Ideas. For example is a blatant copy of ELECTRICITY, SPARK 40 from Sound Ideas 6000 series:

- Advanced Strategic Command ( steals sounds from Warcraft 2 and Command & Conquer. For example asc-\asc-\data\sounds\burning.ogg is the same sound as the one heard in Warcraft 2 when player selects damaged building, while gateling.ogg and weapon06_s.ogg are the gun8.aud from C&C and gun13.aud from C&C Red Alert.

- jClassicRPG ( steals sounds from various non-free source. For example, ai\warthog_1.ogg is stolen directly from Warcraft 2 (WARTHOG sfx), while the license lies that these sounds are public domain. Other sounds were taken from which had no information about license at all. I.e. these sounds were not even royalty free.

- Blades of Exile Source Release 3 ( steals sounds from Sound Ideas Series 6000. For example, SND95.WAV is CD18 - 90 - "horror screech", while SND84.WAV is CD3 - 65 - "horse interior - whinny. animal", SND29 is also from Series 6000, CD32 - 19 - "human. groan groan - male", SND13.WAV comes from royalty free archive, whose license explicitly states "You cannot sell, license or redistribute our stock files", so Spiderweb Software had no right to relicense this sfx under GPL2. Other sounds are of similarly dubious origin, for example SND33.WAV sound was stolen from Warhammer Shadow of the Horned Rat (SQUEAL01.WAV), while SND7.WAV is DIAMOND.WAV from

- Battle City ( and steals sounds from Command & Conquer. For example die.wav is actually nuyell1.aud from C&C Tiberian Dawn, which cannot be relicensed into GPL3.

- Evidyon ( appears to be stealing sounds from some games. For example, "spell - electric blaster.WAV" is obviously based of electric sounds from CD39 of Sound Ideas 6000

- Battle Tanks (, "Fun action game, could be found in any linux distro", like other linux games, it claims to be licensed under GPL2 and steals sounds from Sound Ideas 6000. For example, helicopter.ogg is stolen from CD19, track 5, "helicopter bell 206 - int - hovering"

- DungeonHack ( says that its "assets are licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3", yet it includes numerous non-free sfx files, such as grassland.ogg and grassland3.ogg, which have tags saying " Preview", implying that they were stolen from site's preview player, without paying any money for them, and even if money were paid, such royalty free assets cannot be released under GPLv3 license. Other assets are of similarly dubious origins, as say MonsterRoar.wav is a very recognizable sfx, that comes from Sound Ideas Series 6000 General - CD3 - 37 - "bobcat growl. animal".

- Mistlands/ZeroFPS ( steals sounds from various commercial games and Sound Ideas 6000. For example, gate_open.wav comes from Sound Ideas 6000, CD40, track 20, "drawbridge chains hoisting bridge open. castle", while "die.wav" is actually "yell1.aud" from Command & Conquer Tiberium Dawn, although it likely came from some non-free audio library CD.

- OpenLieroX ( communism allows them to "borrow" assets from Naruto, Doom and WH40k, then re-release these assets under GPL

- Gnome steals assets from Apple OSX, Microsoft Windows, Super Mario and Metal Gear Solid:


- Pingus: data/images/special/pacman -- graphics from Namco's game

- Fish Fillets: soundtrack from X-Files (TV series). Graphics and sounds from Warcraft 2.

- Stendhal: steals sounds from warcraft 2 (arrow-1.ogg) and half of its graphics comes from enterbrain's RPGMaker (for example, sandy_rocks.png, oak_tree.png, maple_tree.png, locust_tree.png, pine_tree.png, snow_on_pine.png, ship.png, object/ship.png, tan_tent.png). Also pacman.png. Most of the sound files were stolen from commercial sound archives. For example, horse-1 sound comes from Sound Ideas 6000, CD3, track 65 "horse interior - whinny. animal", yet LICENSE-audio says that it is public domain.

- Crossfire is known to infringe on sprites from Starcraft (archon sprite) and Dark Legions (demon, greater demon, likely found at and Final Fantasy VI (giant worm - Bear comes from ( and rat ( come from some non-free sources too.

- Daimonin: used beholder and a few other sprites from SSI Gold Box games

- Egoboo: Most of Egoboo's sound samples are stolen I.e. from Baldur's Gate (, from the soundtrack to Indiana Jones movie ( A lot of others Egoboo sounds appear to be coming from Sound Ideas: i.e. abyss.mod has sound0.wav and sound4.wav, which also appears in several other games, such as Might & Magic 6 (gold03.wav)

- S.C.O.U.R.G.E. ( 3d models based of movies (i.e. Alien, Blade, etc..) and games like Id Software's Doom

- Runesword 2: later releases infringe on graphics from Age of empires and Majesty. The original release still uses sounds from Sound Ideas, such as the afore mentioned bobcat sfx and bow shot sfx.

- 8 Kingdoms ( sounds from Warcraft 2

- TripleA ( graphics stolen from other games (i.e. cursor_gauntlet.gif comes from World of Warcraft) Sounds apprantly come from non-free sources and music is stolen from various movies (i.e. game_start_01_start_of_lotr_company_of_the_ring.wav comes from Lord of the Rings by Ralph Bakshi)

- LGeneral-data ( explosion.wav is based of and which are non-free.