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Marry me or I'll kill myself.
Rape baby will give you hope.
Closer to the truth.

Because with all of the hurt and suffering in the world, who couldn't use a few more reasons to hope each day?, or GMH for short, is a glad-handed hippy bullshit response to FML. Instead of griping about the ironic twists of your boring daily life, readers are encouraged to post warm fuzzies for the edification of morons who can't find happiness in their own lives. As these people don't seem to understand that the essence of comedy is conflict, there are few lulz to be had. Or are there?

We love FML, but FML can be a downer. And we're completely exhausted by the negativity of the mainstream media. We're tired of hearing about what's wrong in this world. That's why we created



How To Troll

Sure, you could think of a billion ways to generate lulzy GMH's, but do you have the skill to get it past the moderators? Anyone can be crass or vulgar, and you'll probably end up trolling the few people who see it, but to get it frontpaged takes a bit more of an effort (and possibly some friends to upvote it).

Click here to serve as a moderator. Not any douche can just spatter the feed with any nonsense, and entries are voted on to make it to the main page. As this moderation is currently user-based, it is totally un-trollable.

GMH happens to use a versatile acronym. It can stand for Gives Me Head, Get Me Help, Gave Me Herpes &c., &c.. PROTIP: Subtly working these spurious acronyms into your posts can help you achieve your goal.

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