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Losers are quick to worship
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Guro Girl that Glasses Teen is trying to fuck
Apparently who Stalker-chan looks like. Pretty disgusting, ain't it?

Glasses Teenager, sometimes called Glasses Chan, is the most recent basement dweller to catch the attention of 4chan's R9K board. The most probable reason for their influx of faggotry over this pathetic sack of shit is that he resembles them so much it's like looking in a mirror. His name was coined from the image he attached to his original post, a pair of glasses sitting alone, just like his dying soul.

The Original Cry for Help

Sorry if this is really generic or whatever, but I'm stuck and stuff. Also sorry if I don't reply until tomorrow or anything because I'm going to sleep now, but I'm up late because I'm over thinking an issue.

I'm eighteen (just turned), and I'm a senior in high school. I've always been friends with girls, but I'm always considered there friend. I don't talk about girls like other guys do and boast about how many they fucked. The reason why is because, well, I've never actually had a real girlfriend. I've had long distance relationships with girls and all that, but they all failed because I was too scared to meet any of them or even try to.

Some guys make fun of me because they think I'm gay, and they ask if I'm a pitcher or catcher because I don't really seem like a guy who fucks a lot of chicks or something.

I used to get picked on in Middle School because I was average height and obese, and I had problems opening up to people because my Mom died when I was young and my Dad left my Mom after I was born. I hated going to school like most kids my age, and I was scared of getting picked on.

I got taller now and thinner, but I'm still...I dunno. I don't like talking about myself. Some girls a few years back said some nasty things about me, and my self confidence was shot and I'm always paranoid someone is talking badly about me.

The thing is, I like this girl that I'm somewhat friends with. She's quiet and stuff, and she's really pretty, but I don't know what to do. I playfully hit her and we seem to have fun, but I'm just a friend. I'm average and really nothing special.

Another guy in my class who I'm somewhat cool with always hugs her and touches her and does the stuff I wish I could do to show affection. Girls use to try to hug me in Junior year and I would run off because I was scared I was start sweating a lot and all that.

I want to...I dunno, tell her I like her. I want to tell someone I like her. I've only asked out two girls in my whole life. Well, one...kind of. I asked a girl out in 7th Grade, but I asked a friend to ask her and she said we should just be friends. I guess that doesn't count.

Then I asked out a girl in 9th Grade, and she told me she had a boyfriend. I don't know. I'm just scared of rejection and looking like a loser. I'm 6'4, really tall, and clumsy. I don't think my back is straight enough, and I see small imperfections in me that I really hate.

Sorry if this is running long, but I haven't truly expressed myself ever online like this or anywhere, actually. If I post online I usually hide behind the anon name and just make up silly stuff to get along, but I really wanna get out of my shell before I graduate and get somewhere.

If anyone can help me, I would be really appreciative. I don't want to have sex with her or anything, I just want to overcome my fear.

So thanks if you can help.

I'll check back tomorrow if this thread is still alive, but it probably won't...I just wanted to write this. It just makes me feel better.

Thanks again, guys.

Why people like Glasses Teenager

They like him because he acts like he's a nice guy. In all honesty, he isn't a nice guy and is just some pussy faggot who can't ask a girl out. If he could actually ask a girl out, he wouldn't be posting on 4chan. He tries to be like Densha Otoko, but he fails and won't even get past the first phase of talking because he's too scared to open his mouth due to an intense fear of cock going in. They only like him because they all see a little bit of the faggot inside of them, and they all know that if he can get a girl, they can fap to it later on.

Main Players in Glasses Teenager's life

  1. Mom: Died at a young age. Main subject of jokes between him and Guro Girl.
  2. Guro Girl (Lynn): The girl he wants to fuck. The term was coined after he mentioned the two of them drawing pictures of people committing suicide. Which is totally normal. She seemed to like Glasses Teenager all along and because he was such a huge pussy, she asked him out. Actually, after going on the date with her, Glasses Teenager finds out that she doesn't even like him, and is trying to hook him up with her friend Stalker-chan. She's a total whore and just used Glasses Teenager for his cooler friend Player Kun.
  3. ADHD Bitch (Irina): The only other friend in his entire school. Mainly used to show just how fucking pathetic he is. Is slowly drifting away from Glasses Teenager and is moving on to be best buddies with Gay Kid.
  4. Groper Kun (Jack): Some random guy who cops feels from Guro Girl. Strangely, Glasses Teenager is unfazed by this. Finally, Glasses Teenager gets pissed off enough and stops him from sexually abusing the girl he loves.
  5. Gay Kid (Claire): Random new kid to the story that is taking away Glasses Teenager's best friend away. Hates his parents for not accepting his homosexuality, and he gets grounded a lot.
  6. Stalker-chan (Lauren): Friends with Guro Girl. She stalked Glasses Teenager at their old school, and she has a crush on him. Weird, probably insane, and clingy. She is obsessed with Harry Potter, and uses a fake wand to masturbate. She doesn't know how to kiss, give a handjob, or pull down a zipper. She cuts open her hand with Glasses Teenager after she tries to pull down his zipper and fucks up instead.
  7. Player Kun (Caleb): Old friend of Glasses Teenager before he went to another school. Only reason why Guro Girl became friends with Glasses Teenager was because she wanted to fuck Caleb. Caleb is said to be a total pimp and to break hearts, and he'll probably fuck Guro Girl and then go back to his palace in Bel-Air.

Online girls that love Glasses Teenager

There are three kinds of girls on the internet that think this guy is actually cute, nice, and perfect. These three types aren't normal, are disgusting, and should be attacked with fire. They are the 0.2% of women on the planet that are actually not getting laid, and they have to put their hopes in fictional things that will never happen. Death awaits them after they learn that no real men actually like them.

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