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All hail the great L. Ron Glitterrock, who does totally not look gay in that outfit

Glitter's Cap-Page Board is a place where people who are upset that MST3K got cancelled, hangout and post unfunny captions for crappy movies and TV shows. These people formed a cult known as "The Cappers". Their leader, L. Ron Glitterrock, posts pictures of himself as a really gay looking disco supervillan from some Sid and Marty Krofft kid's show no one remembers. But he's really a fat guy with glasses. In fact, it can be assumed all of these people are fat, although they never use themselves as avatars. They write fanfiction about themselves living in the fictional "Anywhere, USA", saving the world, having orgies with their celebrity crushes.... get over yourselves, guys. You're a buncha bored twentysomethings sitting at home and captioning pictures.

Typical Glitterrock caption. El oh el. He made a joke about that thing looking like a pen0r.

And in this group of bored twentysomethings, you'll find the usual internet cliches:

  • TheDiva - Annoying feminist know-it-all.
    Typical TheDiva caption, starting with "Remind me again..." Well, at least it's better than when she goes on about how she is t3h genius because she's a librarian
  • Tinaw - Black chick wit' attatude!
  • TheLurker - fat emo girl. (who is also banned... is now apologizing and trying to get the blood off her hands by backstabbing LongLiveRock. EVERY CAPPER FOR HERSELF!)
    Typical TheLurker caption in which she psychoticly declares her love for a certain Doctor Who actor
  • LongLiveRock - Trendy girl with bad grammer.(Who got banned for contributing to this site)
  • JohnSteed - otaku
  • ChaosWolf - furry
  • Gray Zombie - That guy who tries to sound really deep and stuff, but you know he's just wanking to naked pictures of Charisma Carpenter.
  • PrezGar- unfunny perv obsessed with female Power Rangers,Lindsay Lohan, and other bad actresses.
  • Cajunmagic- same as above, but likes the girl from Lazy Town.

They claim everyone is welcome but really they're really elitist and will shun you if you don't get their unfunny "underwear on the ceiling" in-joke.

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