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An innocent kid about to be glomped by a nigger.
These girls are about to glomp you!

The sound a fatty makes when they pounce on the unsuspecting recipient of an eat attack. Widely used as an emote by Wapanese and other lardbags who have difficulty differentiating between people and food, to express affection on the Internets.

e.g. *glomps u*.

Excessively used in Animu conventions, as an excuse for abovesaid lardbags to make physical contact with that slutty Sailor Moon cosplayer, or by fags, or most often, fatass fags at animu conventions to make contact with the yaoi cosplayer.

Glomping as of late has been used as a new term for rape. PROTIP: Glomping has become a way to say hi in South Africa. Next time you see a little black person child, give them a warm glomp. If they refuse, they are disrespecting their heritage

Glomping has been labeled the third leading cause of heart failure, right behind fast food and Michael Moore.

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